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5 Pieces of Winter Workout Clothes You Need to Stay Warm

5 Pieces of Winter Workout Clothes You Need to Stay Warm

Winter workout clothes are an essential to any fitness journey, because the journey will last all year long!

Don’t let the cold stop you — check out these winter workout clothes!

However, if you want to switch up your workouts by stepping outside of the gym to get some fresh air while taking advantage of activities like hiking, snowboarding, or simply running in the winter, you need to make sure that your body's warm enough in some winter workout clothes so you can ensure your workout is a great one.

It's important to stay active and healthy during all life periods, especially this one, while COVID-19 isn't under control. Experts have said that winter months will be especially concerning because most people will be indoors due to the weather. The game plan is to continue to enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible. With the right attire, you'll have fun working out outside with the cool breeze brushing against your face.


Start with a base layer

The key to staying warm outside is to layer the right clothing made out of the suitable material. This will allow you to keep warm when you're cold or remove articles of clothing when you're hot. Steer clear from cotton; it absorbs sweat but won't allow it to evaporate. Instead, look for fabrics made out of moisture-wicking material; this should be your base layer. Under Armour’s Men’s Tech Zip Long Sleeve is a good option.

Ladies, don't stress, I've got something for you too. Check out Women's Under Armour's Sun Armour Long Sleeve.

midi layer

Mid-layer pieces to keep you cozy and dry

As I mentioned before, you need to layer your clothing to stay comfortable during your outdoor workout. Your mid-layer should also consist of fast-drying material, so when the sweat dries from the first layer, it won't get trapped in the mid-layer.

Choose something like fleece, polyester, or wool. Your mid-layer should keep you insulated and dry. Don't pick something too tight and constricting for this layer. Check out the TRUEPACE Hooded Long Sleeve Midlayer Top, Adidas by Stella McCartney. This hoodie is made from high-performance recycled material. Depending on how cold your neck of the woods is, you may only need this second layer to get you through your outdoor activity.

Nike has a phenomenal selection to choose from as well. The Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece is a great option for men. This hoodie is made of double-sided spacer fabric to keep you extra warm and dry in cold, wet weather.


Seal the deal with the outer layer

Your outer layer should continue to protect you from the elements. Typically this garment will come with extras like zippered pockets, ventilation, and drawstrings so you can adjust your outer layer as needed. The Outdoor Research Tantrum II Hooded Jacket for women is perfect for keeping you guarded against less than ideal weather conditions. Be it on a hiking trail, kayaking, or mountain biking.

This jacket is made out of 20-denier ripstop nylon with mechanical stretch for added durability. The chest pocket doubles as a stuff sack so you can stow away your jacket and take it with you anywhere without taking up space. Clever!

Gentlemen, they have this version for you too. You can check it out on R.E.I's Outlet website as well.


Your extremities need attention too

Just like you're covering your body, you need to think of your extremities too. There's nothing more uncomfortable than cold hands, head, and feet. When you're participating in outdoor activities, you have to take care of every part of your body.

Depending on your activity, you'll need to consider the type of footwear to choose. For hiking purposes, take a look at Vivo Barefoot's Magna Trail Leather and Wool FG's. They're designed with high-performance multi-terrain activities in mind; these hiking shoes are made with water-resistant and wind-proof leather. These shoes also have thermal insoles that can be removed to allow you to regulate the temperature during colder months.

When you're running, you might need to cover your hands to keep your fingers from getting stiff and uncomfortable. An option to consider is these super cute Run for It All Gloves by Lululemon. They're water-repellent, soft, and cozy for crisp weather.

If you're anything like me, you don't like having your ears and neck exposed to the cool breeze. During winter months, I make sure that those parts of my body are covered, especially when doing any sort of outdoor activity. A beanie works well but it can be too hot, which is why I choose to wear a headband like the Unisex Merino Chase Headband by Icebreaker. It's made with stretchy, breathable material to keep you comfy outdoors.

The best thing about layering these different items is that you can take a piece off little by little as you get hotter. Having a combination of these pieces will enable you to mix and match them with other activewear appropriate for the weather.

These recommendations will let you continue on your health and wellness journey during the winter season with some great winter workout clothes to keep you warm. Staying fit is a lifestyle that doesn't pause when it gets cold. You've got to adapt to the temperature to continuously smash your goals year-round.


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