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The top 20 takeaways from 2020

The top 20 takeaways from 2020

2020 is one of the craziest years I've had to experience in my lifetime. We all go through hardships at some point or another in life.

But we don't all collectively share a common moment in time. Coronavirus is that thread that connects all of us.

Here are 20 takeaways from 2020 that I've learned. Maybe you share the same sentiment as I do.

Human interaction

Even though we've been sheltering in place for the last few months, it's still essential to interact with co-workers while working from home. Finding connection and collaboration through Zoom video calls or Google Meet has helped keep things as "normal" as can be during these weird times. The work still needs to get done, and co-workers still need to engage.


During these times of uncertainty, it's been essential getting some self-care in. It's not just your typical skincare morning and evening routine but also taking the time to read, meditate, or make a delicious meal from scratch.


Health and wellness

The pandemic has opened my eyes to the importance of healthy habits and living a healthy lifestyle. Consuming as many whole foods and nutrient-dense foods while also making time to be active every day has become a major priority in 2020.


Hygiene is important, but since the pandemic, we have seen how important it is to keep everything we touch clean. At first, when we learned that washing our hands and cleaning everything we came in contact with seemed tedious, but after some time, it became a habit and one that I learned to enjoy more and more over time. Nothing beats a freshly cleaned and spotless home!

Quality time with those you love

Nowadays, we can connect with people through various social platforms and apps. Since everyone is home and everything is literally closed, it's been fun to connect with loved ones over different apps. I've been incredibly grateful to spend quality time with my son during this time.


The power of saying no

Sometimes you just have to say no with no explanation attached. I've learned to put my priorities first and not have to justify why I don't want to do what I've been invited to do if it doesn't fit my plan, and that's perfectly fine.

Being yourself

Being unapologetic-ally yourself is freeing. It's needed. Of course, you have to be kind most of the time, but it's OK to be firm, strong, and assertive when called for.

Enjoying your own company

When you learn to enjoy your own company, you start to relish in the peace that comes with being alone. It's perfect.

Making time for your priorities

You matter, and so do the things that make your heart happy. We have enough time in the day to adjust our schedules to make time for those things that have significance in our life.

Structure and routines

Having an idea of what your day will look like will bring some normalcy during this time. Your planner may look a little different this year than prior years, but that doesn't mean that you can't create a routine that'll still benefit you.



Reading has always been a love of mine and something that I make time for. 2020 has shown me that there are many books that will expand my mind and broaden my knowledge and that there's always time for reading, at the very least, a chapter a day.


Investing in personal growth

With so much time at home and so many options on all the streaming services you can think of, you'd think that most of us want to sit around and binge-watch TV all day - WRONG! 2020 has been the perfect time to refine or upgrade your skills.


Exercising and learning to love it

2020 has given us the time to focus on our health. With theaters, restaurants, bars, and clubs closed, what else are you going to do with your time? Most of us have picked up exercising as something to do. Whatever the reason, working out is the best thing to do for your body and mental health. Once you create the habit of working out, you learn to love it, and you miss it when you stop doing it for a day or two.



Pre-pandemic, we rushed to slap a meal together or buy something on our lunch breaks, right? Now, I've been seeking out quality recipes that are healthy, delicious, and gratifying to make. Cooking has become one of my favorite things to do while sheltering in place.


Working from home is a blessing

I've learned to appreciate that I can do my job anywhere, which isn't the case for many people around the country. Although being home all day isn't ideal, I'm grateful to still be working during this time.


Setting boundaries is critical

Having everyone home makes it pretty hard for others to know when I'm working. I've set comfortable boundaries for my son to understand the times I'm unavailable to chat with him so I can get a fair amount of work complete each day.


Take things slow

For the last 30-something years, all I've known is to go, go, go. Never really cared to move at a slower pace because living in LA meant that you had to hustle all the time. 2020 has shown me that taking things slow is essential for your mental health. You don't have to try and do everything at a fast pace.

The importance of sustainable living for the future of our planet

Man oh man, 2020 isn't even over, and we've experienced a global pandemic, extreme fires, floods, and hurricanes plus intense heat waves all around the world. These disasters are all because our climate is changing and worsening. This year has shown me that I can do my part by living a more sustainable lifestyle by avoiding plastic bags when I shop for groceries, recycling more, and supporting brands that use sustainable materials to create their products.

Supporting movements that matter

2020 has shown me that there's no room for apathy or being complicit. Being on the right side of history is essential, and offering support to those that have been mistreated is a must.

Change is slow, but it's possible

Sharing your voice and opinions for causes that matter is important even though the change isn't instant. Be persistent and continue to stand firm for what you believe in. Change will happen if enough people show up and stand for what's right.

2020 has shown me to be grateful, appreciate the little things, and be firm in my convictions while remaining kind and mindful of those around. I've learned a lot about what I want and don't want in life. I've been reminded this year that time is extremely short, and we have to make the best with what we've got. Enjoy those that matter to us and remove the people or things that don't.


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