Swap out some of your most wasteful products with these eco-friendly beauty swaps!

Reusable Cotton Round Pads

Traditional cotton rounds have tons of uses when it comes to skincare and beauty, which means that we’re using a lot of them and ultimately throwing them in the garbage after one use. Thankfully, there are reusable cotton round pads made from bamboo that can be used and reused hundreds of times before being disposed of. Reusable Cotton Round Pads typically come in a large quantity accompanied with a laundry bag so you can wash them when they’re dirty and reuse them instead of just throwing them away!

Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar cleansing water is an amazing alternative to using disposable makeup wipes. Micellar cleansing water contains water, hydrating ingredients, and surfactants that pull makeup and dirt off your skin and pores. Micellar water is gentle and moisturizing while being a powerful cleanser at the same time.

Makeup Removing Cloths

These makeup removing cloths work like magic. Water activated and reusable, you’ll cut down on waste from traditional disposable makeup removing wipes and you won’t have to purchase other makeup removing cleansers either (cutting down on more waste & money spent)! These microfibre cloths are gentle on skin and remove makeup perfectly.

Cotton Buds In A Paper Bag

Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are another incredibly wasteful product that we might not consider. While there isn’t a reusable option, purchasing cotton swabs made from organic cotton and bamboo is much more sustainable as they are biodegradable rather than being made of plastic that ends up in landfills, and ultimately, our oceans and environment.

Eco Friendly Glitter

While we may not be using glitter on a regular basis (or maybe you are- no shade), it’s a surprisingly environmentally damaging product. Most glitter on the market isn’t biodegradable, so it ends up moving through our water systems and ends up in our bodies of water. Swap out your current glitter favorites for biodegradable glitter instead and SHINE ON!