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How Twiggy Fashion Changed the Beauty Industry

How Twiggy Fashion Changed the Beauty Industry

Twiggy fashion shook the '60s and beyond. Twiggy was an extremely successful model in the 1960s that completely shaped the world of fashion.

Twiggy fashion was new and took the world by storm.

If you love fashion, you know Twiggy fashion and the amazing changes it's made in such a short amount of time. She was more than just a model — a fashion icon, a trendsetter. 

How Twiggy Became “Twiggy”

When Twiggy was just 15, she met with a hairdresser who gave her her signature boyish haircut that so many women still love to recreate to this day. Because of her incredibly slim frame, this hairdresser called her Twigs, which became the start of her iconic nickname. However, it wasn’t until an article in The Daily Express that called her Twiggy when it really became her “thing”. By the time she was 17, she was already gracing covers such as Vogue and Tatler.

The Shift Dress

In the 1960s, she donned the shift dresses. A shift dress is a dress where the cloth on it falls straight down from the shoulders instead of being form-fitting like a sheath dress. It’s very comfortable and moves around with you—it shifts with your body! This dress added to the “boyish” style by hiding the frame of a woman.

woman wearing orange long-sleeved dress photo

The Braless Trend

During the 1960s, Twiggy was one of the many who joined a movement that celebrated a more liberated fashion sense than ever before. Bras were switched to light camisoles and garters were changed to stockings. Luckily, with her small frame... it was probably never an issue! During this time, it was even popular to go without wearing panties. How risque!


While it’s common now for women to don a more masculine style, in the 60s it was definitely more rebellious. Twiggy played a huge part in this trend becoming so normal now by wearing men’s hats with her miniskirts and fishnet tights or thick ties with waistcoats.

woman in pink blazer and black skirt photo


Adding a more boyish look to her style, Twiggy was commonly seen styling a pair of loafers with her everyday looks. To this day, loafers are a great fashion choice that keeps a look casual but chic at the exact same time.

The Twiggy Look Collection

In 1967, Twiggy launched “The Twiggy Look Collection” which made it possible for the everyday women to adopt her unique style. Creating this collection is what really started making this trend so accessible to women during the 60s.

woman wearing orange sleeveless shirt and blue pants near pink painted wall during daytime photo

The next time you’re picking out one of your favorite loafers or a menswear-inspired look, definitely take a moment to think about how far fashion has come. It’s amazing to think that one person could make such a difference to such a huge industry. Twiggy fashion was so daring for the time. If she hadn’t made such unique fashion choices, who knows where our style would even be at this point. Forever thankful for the loafers, Twiggy.


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