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4 Bad Hair Day Fixes for Your Worst Hair Day

4 Bad Hair Day Fixes for Your Worst Hair Day

A bad hair day can have a major negative impact on your self confidence, unless you manage to find a bad hair day fix.

Get your confidence back with these bad hair day fixes!

Bad hair days happen to the best of us, even if they happen to some more than others. Instead of getting jealous of these people, you should learn the ways that you can apply a bad hair day fix in your daily life. 

We’ve rounded up 4 of our favorite bad hair day fixes to make every hair day a good one!


Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a key player in any beauty arsenal. A lot of bad hair days stem from your hair being too dirty, too clean, or too flat, all of which can be solved by applying a little bit of dry shampoo! Apply your favorite dry shampoo to your hair and fluff it up. Guaranteed, you’ll be one step closer to having that perfect hair day! If you don’t have dry shampoo on hand use cornstarch or baby powder instead.


Rock a messy bun

Messy buns hide all sins. Simply put your hair into a bun and make it look as messy as possible- this way your ‘bad hair day’ looks like an intentional style. Messy buns are always in style and look great with all sorts of fashion and beauty looks!


Use the water and braids hack

Gorgeous beach waves are the answer to any bad hair day. To repair a bad hair day and achieve this super cute look simply wet your hands under the sink, brush through your hair with your wet hands, and braid your hair into a tight braid on either side of your head. After 10 minutes, take your hair out of the braids and you’ll have perfect beach waves! Feel free to touch up any pieces with a curling iron. If you need more volume, add hairspray or dry shampoo. If you need more smoothness and frizz control, add your favorite hair oil!


Add accessories

Adding accessories like hats, headbands, clips, and even bobby pins to your hairstyle is always a foolproof way to help to conceal a bad hair day.

A bad hair day is bound to roll around sooner or later, so it's best that you aren’t caught off guard and have these bad hair day fixes at your disposal!


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