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Easy Halloween Looks to Try This Year

Easy Halloween Looks to Try This Year

October is not canceled — here are easy Halloween looks to try this year.

Once October hits, there is one holiday that many of us look forward to — Halloween.

And with it falling on a Saturday this year, there is no way we can skip it. Even though there will not be any Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, that does not mean you can’t enjoy dressing up. Keep scrolling to check out these easy Halloween looks to try this year.


Sleeping Beauty

A very easy Halloween look that every person can do is a sleeping or pajama look. Yes, PJs can work as a costume! Grab your favorite pair of jammies, fuzzy house shoes, sleeping mask, pillow, and blanket to complete the look. The best part is that you do not have to change out of this look when bedtime rolls around.



You may be asking yourself what is a quarantine look. Well, the answer is simple — throw on something that you have been wearing the past eight months. And if you are anything like us, it is probably athleisure, a baggy t-shirt and yoga pants. Have fun with this look by adding extra accessories like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox, and anything else that reminds you of 2020.



For all the people who decided to stock up on toilet paper when the pandemic hit, this costume is perfect for you — a mummy. Wear all white and wrap yourself from head to toe in your overstock of toilet paper. This look is great for adults, children, and even animals. Stay away from messes in this look, or your outfit will become damp fast.



If you want to dress up and not spend any money, then a rainbow look is perfect for you. Grab an article of clothing of each color from the rainbow. Then throw it on, and bam you are a rainbow. This look is also fun to get creative with makeup as well. The best part of a rainbow look is that you literally can go in any direction as long as you use many colors.

woman wearing blue off-shoulder dress photo

Princess or Prince

Many of us have that one beautiful dress or striking suit that we’ve been holding onto all year long. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it this year, but thanks to COVID that has all changed. There is no need to wait anymore because Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as a princess or prince. Go all out this year, even if you are only staying home.

Don’t let social distancing ruin your Halloween this year. Try out one of these easy costumes for a great time.


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