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MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight mdash Alicia

MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight — Alicia

MOBILESTYLES App invests in our beauty PROs like Alicia, one of the best makeup artists in Tampa, FL!

MOBILESTYLES makes being the best makeup artist (Tampa, FL) easy!

Growing up with acne-prone skin, Alicia, from Tampa, Florida, was always toying between new makeup and skincare products. You could always find her collecting makeup, skincare products, doing her friends' and family’s makeup, or experimenting on herself. She made the leap and enrolled herself in beauty school 10 years ago. Soon after, she was pulled away to take on her favorite job, being a mother to her son. Alicia, now being the boss babe entrepreneur she is, enrolled herself in esthetician school earlier this year and is taking the clinical skincare approach to becoming the best makeup artist in Tampa, FL. Between makeup and facials, she says, “I’m in heaven!”

Alicia pro

Before attending beauty school, Alicia confesses she was not knowledgeable about skincare as she is now. She admits to being “that girl” who committed one of the biggest beauty sins - sleeping with makeup on. With her new-found knowledge of the skin, she has pledged to clear up her skin. Skincare routines are crucial now, which she also uses that as part of her “me time.” Mornings can be busy, which is why she is so passionate about her nightly skin-care routine, which we are fortunate enough to get all the details of!

Halloween makeup

Double cleansing - Although she hasn’t been wearing makeup often, she stresses the importance of cleansing the skin at the end of each day to prevent breakouts and cysts. Her favorite duo is CeraVe’s benzoyl peroxide, followed by CeraVe’s salicylic acid wash to gently exfoliate and dry out the oil glands. 

Toner - She uses her favorite brand, Bliss, to prime the face and to absorb active ingredients. This toner can be found at retailers near you! 

Vitamin C serum - This delivers the bulk of active ingredients, and they penetrate deep skin layers, which is why it’s important to do this early in your routine and before thick formulas. Alicia recommends CeraVe’s Skin Renewing Vitamin C serum that contains retinol, niacinamide, and licorice root, to remove dark spots and treat hyperpigmentation. 

Moisturize - Moisturizing locks in the hydration. The most important step to your night-time skincare routine is to moisturize the skin.


Knowing that your skin has gotten the love and attention it needs even before the sun is up reassures you, you will look your best! This is why Alicia is passionate about breaking up with makeup wipes! A single wipe will not properly dislodge foundation and pollution particles, which hinder the chances of skin cells to regenerate and create the plump, youthful complexion, we all desire. She also notes, makeup wipes are not good for the environment. If speeding up your skin’s aging process is not a good enough reason to ditch them, do it for the environment!


Alicia, a skincare enthusiast, bestowed valuable advice to fight the nuisance that is “maskne.” If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s known as the breakouts caused by diligently wearing face masks - which we’ve endured since March. Face masks are the most ESSENTIAL part of the widespread effort to help shrink, control, and end the spread of COVID-19.

evening make up

The monumental tip she gave is that maskne is fungal and not your typical bacterial acne. Alicia recommends using sulfur products to treat nasty flare-ups. She suggests, when temporarily removing your mask, take your mask off one ear and let it hang to the side. Pushing the mask into the chin will spread the harboring bacteria to other parts of your body. Alicia says a silk mask can help aerate the skin and help you breathe better too. ALWAYS, remember to change your mask daily!

lashes extension

Alicia is grateful to be a part of the #1 health and beauty on-demand app in the nation. MOBILESTYLES has allowed her to chase her passion for makeup and skincare opportunities while also being the best mom. Alicia mentions how empowered she feels because she can create her own schedule, be on-the-go, and be her own boss, all in the field that makes others look and feel good. 

MOBILESTYLES is growing rapidly and is investing in PROs across the U.S. to join the team. Follow Alicia’s footsteps and join the app that gives you the freedom and opportunity to take control of your schedule! 

As a new PRO with MOBILESTYLES, Alicia is excited to book her first client as a makeup artist and soon to be, esthetician! If you are in Tampa, Floria, and in need of full-face makeup, glam, eyelashes, wedding makeup, or temporary eyelash extensions, book Alicia now on the MOBILESTYLES App! She wants to treat you to some self-care. Remember to be on the lookout for Alicia’s upcoming makeup tutorial, because she’s definitely on track to be one of the best makeup artists in Tampa, FL! Remember to check out our blog for more wonderful PROs and beauty insights! Follow us on Instagram @mobilestylesapp. 


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