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Get More Out of Your Day mdash Make Yourself an Early Riser

Get More Out of Your Day — Make Yourself an Early Riser

Do you hear that? Yes, it’s still the sound of the alarm clock you started snoozing an hour ago.

And, in a repeat episode of every day since the dawn of time - you’re already late!

For some people, being reliably late (the irony!) is almost a personality trait. If you’re a card-carrying member of this camp, we get it. We know you don’t want to be rushing into that 9 AM meeting, wishing you had made time to stop for a coffee. Nor do you enjoy being the kind of person who leaves a date waiting alone for the 8 PM dinner reservation while you’re still deciding what to wear. But, unfortunately, bad habits have a funny way of sticking. However, the good news is that all is not lost.

You can indeed train yourself into being a perky early bird. Take note: the important word in this statement is “train” — it will take diligence and dedication. These lifestyle changes do not simply happen at the snap of a finger. Ready to shift your gears? Read on for our top pointers.

wake up


As with everything, being consistent is key. This means setting a bedtime, nailing down a routine, and sticking with it no matter what. You should be hitting the hay at the same time every night and allocating the recommended hours of sleep. This way, when your new alarm clock chimes at what felt like an unthinkable hour, you’ll feel surprisingly well-rested and satisfied.Person Running Near Street Between Tall Trees

Working Out

It might seem counterintuitive, but getting up slightly earlier to exercise can actually give you more energy throughout the day. As we all know, the worst part is usually leaving the cozy bed to lace up your sneakers. Here's a pro tip: enlist a workout buddy with similar goals to keep you accountable and less likely to roll over for another nap. The saying “you’ll never regret a workout” is popular for a reason. Getting your endorphins flowing before the workday has begun will increase oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, which can give you an energy boost. Studies show that AM exercising benefits short-term and long-term memory, boosts brain function, and improves your ability to focus and multi-task. Sign us up!


Plan Ahead

Remember Cher’s rotating closet of dreams and computer-selected outfits in the movie, Clueless? While you don’t have to be that level of organized, a little bit of thought can go a long way. Whether you prefer to plan a whole week’s worth of outfits on a Sunday evening, or prefer to think about it each night, having your clothes and essential ready to go really is a game changer. Plus, being organized in advance means you’ll likely experiment more with your boardroom style and get more wear out of garments usually relegated to the back of the rack. A win-win!



Simply put: we all tend to respond to tasks better when we know there’s something special waiting at the finish line. To keep you motivated for this new early bird lifestyle, don’t forget to make it a little fun. Maybe, it’s allocating an extra few minutes to pick up a warming latte at your favorite coffee spot in the mornings, or ordering a new book to read on your commute now that you’re not rushing, or buying a quality pair of sneakers to motivate you for those early morning training sessions. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for becoming one of those smug early risers that you always envied!


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