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Make This Season a Success With 7 Beauty Business Tips

Make This Season a Success With 7 Beauty Business Tips

The holidays are a busy time for all businesses. We made this guide of beauty business tips on how to make this season a successful one.

It's time to start focusing on holiday marketing with the help of these beauty business tips.

Your beauty and health service brand can make a ton of sales, new clients, and new appointments if you check out these beauty business tips below on having a successful holiday season.

Social Media

If you are not on social media, then you need to make one before the holiday season is over. The fourth quarter is always busy for most companies. In fact, many companies make the majority of their money during the last three months of the year. Social media is the perfect place to gain some brand awareness and sales. On social media, you can post about your promotions, your services, before and after photos, events, national holidays, and more. Customers enjoy an interactive brand, so make sure your content is fun, interactive, and unique.

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During the holidays, amp up your promotion calendar. You may have noticed that many stores and services have even more offers during the last two months of the year. And, that is because people are buying gifts or getting themselves ready for all the holidays. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make more sales and gain even more customers.

Holiday Specials

While you have your normal promotions going on, don’t forget about including holiday specials. These specials are unique because they only happen during the holiday seasons. Customers and clients love limited time offers. These people never want to miss out on a great deal or opportunity. Do not be afraid to have fun with the specials. You can give them fun names, designs, and colors. The more fun you have with it, the more your clients will enjoy it.

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Gift Certificates

Continue to be successful even after the holidays by having your current clients purchase gift certificates as Christmas gifts. This is perfect for gaining more sales during the holidays, booking more appointments, and finding more new and potential customers. While creating your gift certificate, make sure to include the offer, the expiration date, your business’ name, your signature, and the type of service that is eligible with it.


The holiday season is the perfect time to hold some events. And remember, events do not have to be in person. You can have virtual events. These events can include tutorials, DIY, contests, giveaways, and even live sales. You will be surprised by how many people enjoy live streaming events now.

Free Samples

Everyone loves free samples, especially during the holidays. It’s that extra step in giving that makes many people enjoy a business. As a beauty and health provider, you can offer a variety of samples: makeup, hair products, skincare items, supplements, and more. To learn how to get more samples, talk to your supplier to see if they have any holiday sample specials. Most suppliers and wholesalers do have additional samples that you can hand out.

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Christmas Party

Nothing embraces the holidays more than hosting a Christmas Party. Before you worry about meeting social distancing guidelines, this year, you can host a virtual Christmas Party. Send out a video call link on social media, emails, and text messages for your guests to attend. And at the party, you can do things that most people do at company business parties such as eat, drink, play games, and win prizes. This is also another opportunity to let new customers know who you are, book appointments, and make more sales. The more you network, the better your business will become.

Your company can flourish if you follow the beauty business tips above. And remember, if you ever need help managing your business, finding clients, and booking appointments, reach out to us at MOBILESTYLES. We’re the #1 nationwide health and beauty on-demand app, and we're ready to help!


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