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Womenrsquos Entrepreneurship Day Victoria Loza

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Victoria Loza

We reached out to Victoria Loza for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) which is globally recognized on November 19th.

WEDO’s mission empowers every woman on the planet — something Victoria Loza also strives to achieve.

When I decided to write about this article, the first person that came to mind was Victoria Loza. I didn’t even have to think of a list of people that embodied the message that WEDO promotes. It’s standard to write about the well-known women that make changes that we hear about constantly. I wanted to recognize a woman that I’ve been following for several years now — who uses her platform to spread a positive message, like AOC; who doesn’t take any nonsense from people; who’s active in her community; who tries to help as much as she can on topics that matter — immigration, women, children, and LGBTQ.progress

When I sat and chatted with Vicky over a video call, she was as real as she is on Instagram - a reason her followers love her. She’s candid, funny, and holds nothing back. Our relaxed conversation covered questions around fitness, politics, discipline, and how her business is thriving during the pandemic.

During college, Loza studied Criminal Justice while juggling three jobs to help her mother with rent, all while trying to stay fit. She quit her jobs to focus on her fitness career at 25 and never looked back. She has a loyal tight-knit group of followers that sign up, buy, promote, and defend Vicky to the core. Vicky’s bootcamps are always packed, and she’s the type of trainer to encourage you like a sister would, which means she’ll literally talk to you like a sister would. Don’t expect a diplomatic, flowery response from this fitness trainer.


Although her platform and business are about fitness, Loza doesn’t fear speaking out about topics that affect minorities and under-privileged communities. She’s outspoken about helping people in need. She uses her platform to raise money for people in her community. She’s not afraid of speaking up about controversial issues for fear of losing followers. Loza laughs and says, “I just don’t care about the follower count”. What she’s left with is a concentration of true, loyal followers that support her.


Her approach to life is to keep it real and promote the right expectation to her clients with fitness. To fight for what’s right and point out what’s wrong while trying to make a change.

Like WEDO, Vicky empowers women by using her platform to encourage others to live a healthy life, while also discussing topics that matter; bringing light to the inequalities that surround women and children.

Victoria Loza, I celebrate you for your hard work on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!


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