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5 Ways You Can Give All Month Long

5 Ways You Can Give All Month Long

November is all about being thankful and giving. That’s why we created this list on how to give all month long.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” — Anne Frank

And, Anne Frank is absolutely correct. This year has been rough on many families and individuals. From losing jobs to losing homes, some people are struggling to make ends meet. Help the situation by learning how to give all month long.

Give Compliments

Sometimes you do not need to give something physical to be giving all month long. The easiest and most affordable way to give is to tell compliments to everyone you see. One simple compliment can improve someone’s day and crack a smile on their face. This year has been hard, and sometimes all we need is to be told we are doing a good job.

Pay it Forward

Another great way to give all month long and impact someone positively right away is to pay it forward. On your next grocery, restaurant, supermarket, or gas station run, pay for the person’s bill behind you. This is a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face while also giving at the same time.


Donate Food, Clothes and Home Goods

If you are cleaning out your closet, home, or even pantry, do not throw away the things you want. Instead, donate them to charities or a food bank. Every town has some type of donation center for clothes and home goods that you can place your used items in. And, if you have food, check the expiration dates before sending them off to a food bank.

Help a Needy Family

Every town or city will have many needy families. This year is extra hard on many families thanks to COVID-19 closing many businesses, jobs, and positions. If you were fortunate enough to make it through the mass layoffs of 2020, then a great way you can give this month is to help a needy family. You can provide food, drinks, clothing, school supplies, cleaning supplies, and even children’s toys to a struggling family. While this may not seem like much, it will mean the world to a family.

Foster Animals

People are not the only living things that need help. Many animals need someplace to call their temporary home until they find their “fur-ever” family. This month is the perfect time to start fostering animals. While most animals people foster are cats and dogs, you have the possibility of taking in a farm or exotic animal depending on your location and expertise. You can find many foster organizations online, but the best way is to reach out to different animal shelters in or near your area.

These were just a few ways to give. Let us know on Instagram and Facebook, @mobilestylesapp if you have any other ideas!


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