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Amazing Ways That Native Americans Inspired Clothing

Amazing Ways That Native Americans Inspired Clothing

Lakota. Navajo. Sioux. Cherokee. Apache. Cheyenne. These amazing tribes have all contributed to Native American-inspired clothing.

Native American-inspired clothing can be traced back to so many of the great native tribes in history.

These are six well-known tribes out of 574 that live on one of 326 reservations within the United States, all of which have been instrumental in Native American-inspired clothing and fashion.


A Northern Cheyenne and Crow fashion designer, Bethany Yellowtail, has created a space for tribal nations to share their culture through their authentic handmade jewelry and accessories. A designer in her own right, b.YELLOWTAIL showcases 15 other Native American designers on her platform. You can find beautiful moccasins, jewelry, and apparel.


Jamie Okuma

This designer specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces that are made exclusively by the artist herself. Bold and beautiful silhouette showcases stunning patterns throughout the design of each piece. Her work is displayed around the world, and some of her collections have permanent homes such as The Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

jamie okuma


Streetwear meets Native American design. NTVS was created to fill a gap in the market. The artwork can be light-hearted or highlight serious issues that indigenous people face. Their mission is to create authentic Native American designed clothes that you can be proud of wearing instead of buying disingenuous fast-fashion that only fills the pockets of big brands.


There's no doubt that Native American artwork and creativity are beautiful and well-admired. We see inspiration everywhere in the fashion world. Native American-inspired clothing has been influential since 1050 A.D., and the geometric designs sewn into their clothes tell the experience and story of the garment maker. This artwork is a memory that's passed on to the wearer. Modern-day designers are trying to pass on heritage and culture to future generations so their stories can live on even after all the struggles and obstacles that Native American people have faced.

We must respect and honor their culture by seeking authentic indigenous designers so their stories can be seen and heard through the clothes and jewelry they make.


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