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Avoid Bloating With These 5 Helpful Tips

Avoid Bloating With These 5 Helpful Tips

Say bye-bye to bloat with these simple tips! Bloating is natural - but, it can definitely be bothersome.

Whether you’re just looking to feel lighter and healthier, or you want to confidently wear that mini dress out without having to layer Spanx underneath, we’ve got you covered with these 5 tips to avoid bloating.


Hydration is key

Bloating comes from a constipation and a build up of gas within your intestines. Drinking water softens stool and reduces gas and bloating. Proper hydration also increases mucus that is essential for bowel mobility. Ensuring that you’re drinking the proper amount of water is key for reducing bloating and having the flat tummy of your dreams!


Start your day with lemon water

Now you know the importance of staying hydrated- ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’ and add lemon to a glass of warm water in the morning to get your bowels moving and to flush your kidneys.


Avoid excess sodium

Excess sodium causes your kidneys to retain water, which leads to swelling in your body and bloating in your stomach. When you reduce your sodium intake (and up your water consumption,) your kidneys are able to properly flush your system and debloat your body.


Increase your fiber and potassium intake

Fiber and potassium are both big bloat fighters! Fiber helps with digestion which keeps your bowel movements healthy and regular while potassium helps to rid the body of excess sodium. Some potassium rich foods include bananas, cooked spinach, cooked broccoli, and potatoes. Some fiber rich foods include lentils, broccoli, berries, avocado, and popcorn.


Incorporate light exercise into your daily routine

Not only does exercise make your colon work more effectively, but it also increases blood flow to your digestive system, which both help to decrease bloating. You don’t have to run a marathon either, simply going for a short walk after dinner helps to reduce bloating (among many other health benefits).


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