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6 of Our Favorite Cold Weather Coats

6 of Our Favorite Cold Weather Coats

We’re so ready for the cold! We dream of looking incredibly stylish in the winter, and these cold weather coats will definitely get us where we want to be!

Be chilly in style this winter with these cold weather coats. 

However, most of the time we end up wearing huge ugly parkas we’ve had for 15 years and chunky snow boots just to stay warm. You might be surprised to discover that there are actually so many adorable cold weather coats you can wear in that will keep you warm while also looking effortlessly chic.


1. Teddy Coats

Not only will you look like a big comfy teddy bear, but you’ll be feeling so incredibly comfortable in one of these coats.


2. Trench Coat

You can really never go wrong with the perfect trench coat. This look will make you immediately look so chic and dare we say, mysterious. Pair it with some leather pants, heels, and red lips for the perfect winter look.


3. Belted Coat

Wearing a coat can easily make you lose your natural silhouette. Wearing one that has a belt to help cinch your waist in will keep you from looking like a big snowball this winter season.


4. Pea Coats

There’s nothing like a classic pea coat to style up your winter looks this year. Pea coats have a more romantic silhouette that will immediately make any of your outfits look that much more feminine or classy.


5. Parka Coats

When all else fails, just get yourself that parka. They’re classic and will always be there to support you even on the coldest days. They may not look like the most stylish way to rock your favorite winter look but it will definitely keep you cozy and warm and we love that.


6. Military Jacket

This style is very functional and simplistic while still oozing with style. If you’re into the more structured, edgy look, you should absolutely get a military jacket.

Whether you want to look fashionable this winter or just try something new with your outerwear, we are absolutely loving these cold weather coats. Bring it on, winter!


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