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5 Adaptive Clothing Brands for People With Disabilities

5 Adaptive Clothing Brands for People With Disabilities

If you need clothes because of a disability, check out these five adaptive clothing brands making a difference in the fashion industry.

These adaptive clothing brands are focused on inclusivity.

About 61 million people in America live with a disability. While many disabilities do not affect the way you dress and the types of clothes you can wear, many do.

Individuals who struggle with average clothing have tailored garments to fit their needs, but recently some brands have made a stand to change. Here are five adaptable clothing brands that are making a difference for people with disabilities.


Read on for the best clothing brands you can buy that tailor their clothes to people with disabilities. 

Cat & Jack

Dressing your child can be hard enough as it is, but for parents who have children with disabilities, there are additional struggles. A go-to kids brand that many families shop for at Target is Cat & Jack. A few years ago, Cat & Jack added adaptive items that include sensory-friendly pieces as well as features like side and back snap and zip closures, hidden openings for abdominal access, and more.


ABL Denim

Denim is a must in every person’s wardrobe. ABL Denim makes it easy for individuals with a disability to wear this staple. Adaptive measures they have on their denim include side zippers, higher back, and hook and bar fasteners. They have options for men, women, and children. Plus, they include a size and measurement chart to help you find the right size of jeans.


4Ward Clothing

For individuals who struggle with sensory issues, the adaptive clothing brands 4Ward Clothing has your back. This brand creates clothing that is soft to the touch and is sensory-friendly. You can find many different types of garments like tops, skirts, pajamas and more. Plus, all the pieces are reversible, so you never have to worry about tags or seam lines.

pile of blue denim jeans lot

Alter Ur Ego

A denim company that caters to wheelchair-bound people is Alter Ur Ego. After the founder of the brand became a paraplegic in 2007, she wanted jeans that were fashionable and functional. Thus, the creation of Alter Ur Ego. To bring accessibility to the wheelchair community, her jeans have thigh front pockets, a faux fly, and a hidden catheter opening.


Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

Some popular brands are making a difference like Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive. A few of the adaptations that made it on their garments include adjustable hems, magnetic buttons, and easy-open necklines. What is great about this brand is that they have clothing options for a variety of disabilities for men, women, boys, and girls.

If you have a disability and struggle with finding clothes, never worry again. These five adaptive clothing brands will have something that fits your needs. And if you need help finding or styling clothing, contact one of our PROs today.


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