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5 Party Fashion Trends That are Still Relevant in 2020

5 Party Fashion Trends That are Still Relevant in 2020

There’s still an abundance of ways to show off your party fashion trends this holiday season.

Party fashion trends come and go — don’t miss out on the latest trends because you aren’t in-person.

And while dance floors and large gatherings might still largely be out of the question right now, there’s plenty of reasons to endeavor to get dressed up in the latest and greatest party fashion trends. 

Let us count the ways you can still celebrate this time of year, at least via your fashion choices for now.

Woman Wearing Pleated Silver Dress


Who said you need a true occasion to wear something sparkly? Party-wear is almost synonymous with mini dresses dripping with sequins and paillettes at this stage. If your occasion this year calls for something on the more understated side, jazz up denim jeans and a silk cami with a shimmering blazer — your local vintage store will likely have a ton for an affordable price — or tone down a disco ball frock with opaque tights and flat pumps. Alternatively, embellished accessories like a clutch bag or ballet slippers will also tickle the itch to inject some glam into an otherwise subdued look. Either way, no one is going to judge you for wanting to bring a bit of sartorial joy after the year that was!


If you’re joining your nearest and dearest virtually this year, why not opt for a Gossip Girl-style hair accessory, which will certainly make it look like you made an effort for your screen time celebration — even if you’ve got slippers on out of shot! For this time of year, you can’t go wrong with plaid, velvet, lace, or pearl-studded Alice bands. For a more understated option, go for a chic bow and Barrett to hold your hair back in an elegant chignon. Instant French girl vibes in a pinch.

Woman Taking Selfie


Just like a fun headband, jewelry makes an equally effective statement on the screen with minimal effort on your part. Dust down those long-forgotten costume jewelry pieces, like chunky necklaces and chandelier earrings, which can make something as plain as a white t-shirt look a million bucks. For those who lean toward a more minimal aesthetic, add a subtle hint of sparkle with a flat gold chain, diamond stud earrings, or delicate hoops. Et voila!


Many people have cut back on party fashion spending this year, which leaves them with an exciting challenge - to reinvent and reinterpret a piece already in their closet. One way to do this is with hosiery. Take any reliable black dress you already have, preferably in a luxe winter-ready fabric like velvet or silk, and add a pair of lace, patterned, or diamante-studded tights, and you’ve got yourself a whole new outfit for a steal.


In terms of party fashion choices, this year has been all about pieces that are easy, versatile, and comfortable. Enter: the jumpsuit. A hero piece that’s a whole outfit in one. Pay homage to more carefree times, like the 70s, by opting for a wide-leg style with a cinched waist. One garment to see you through your whole social calendar, digital and IRL? We love to see it!

Are you planning to try out any of these party fashion trends at the next get together you attend via Zoom? Or are you going to save all the dressing up for when you can hit the parties and clubs in person again?


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