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The 5 Best Luxury Nightwear Brands

The 5 Best Luxury Nightwear Brands

From nap dresses to feather pajamas, the more adventurous and daring fashion trends don’t stand a chance against these luxury nightwear brand items.

These are the kind of luxury nightwear brand items that can double as an outfit.

The best luxury nightwear brands on the market saw an incredible surge of interest in their silky jammies this year, and we’re going to go ahead and say that it’s the one category you absolutely should invest in in the lead up to this holiday season.

Here are some of the brands we’ll be lounging in, all year long.


When Ukraine-based luxury nightwear brand, Sleeper, burst onto the scene, everyone from fashion editors to those who hate to dress up took notice. The premise was simple but genius — high-quality, feather-trimmed, and patterned silk sets that looked equally as good between the sheets as they did on the street when teamed with a pair of heels. The brand also introduced vintage-inspired linen dresses in sweet, romantic prints, like gingham and rosebuds. These linen frocks, for daytime and sleepy time, were the answer to all our cottage-core-but-make-it-comfortable prayers. There’s a reason why so many celebrities, including Emma Watson, are major fans of this brand.


Hill House Home

One fledgling brand that’s seen incredible success this year is NYC-based Hill House Home. The company started as a DTC option for affordable but elegant homeware staples like towels and bed linens, but it’s undoubtedly their now infamous Nap Dress that put them on the map. The unbelievably soft, stretchy, and cozy garment was arguably the most viral piece of clothing on social media this year — to the extent that a highly-anticipated “drop” of new fall-ready styles in prints like plaid and check earned the company $1 million in sales in just 30 minutes.

Olivia von Halle

The British designer’s sumptuous and luxurious offerings are as lavish as it gets. From kimonos and robes that look like they should be in a movie to slinky slip dresses suitable for the boudoir and beyond, these are pieces worth investing in. Indeed, our wishlist is already settled on the eye masks in cute animal and floral prints.

olivia von halle

Morgan Lane

This fledgling luxury nightwear brand brand markets itself as “sleepwear for the fashion-obsessed” — and it’s plain to see why. From fun collaborations to cheeky embroidered slogans, everything the New York-based label sells is the stuff of dreams. Making a good thing even better, everything from the sets to the lingerie can be embroidered and personalized for that added luxe touch.

morgan lane


Papinelle is a luxury nightwear brand that has it all: washable silk sets, insanely comfortable cotton nighties, and every accessory you could imagine. (We love the scrunchies!) The brand, founded in Australia in 2003, has since gained fans across the globe for its quality, chic designs, and sustainable practices.


Did any of these luxury nightwear brands happen to catch your eye? Let us know which ones you’ll be checking out on our socials @mobilestylesapp. Sleep tight!


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