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How To Host a Virtual Holiday Party

How To Host a Virtual Holiday Party

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family without actually seeing them in person. It can be a virtual holiday party.

Don’t overdo it on the holiday treats as you sit in front of your computer for your virtual holiday party!

Let’s have a fun and safe holiday season! With so much uncertainty surrounding the holidays this year, it’s easy to feel confused as to what you’re going to do to celebrate. Luckily, figuring out a way to commemorate the holidays remotely with a virtual holiday party is an easier task than you might think. 


So, read on for some ideas and inspiration for your next virtual holiday party!

Use a spreadsheet to organize the event

You don’t want to get confused with what’s supposed to happen during the event. Keeping a spreadsheet to organize every little detail will make it less stressful for yourself while adding a level of fun for you as a host. You can keep track of guests, contact info, food, times, and so much more.


Incorporate food

Obviously it’s a virtual holiday party, but incorporating food can make it really feel like you’re all together. You can host a potluck where everyone plans to make the same things so you’re eating similar meals.


Send something physical

A really fun way to make a virtual holiday party that much more exciting for everyone is to send them something physical to use for the party. This can be a silly hat, a white board for games, or just a bunch of party favors!


Plan in advanced

It’s definitely important to plan your party in advance so your guests aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Choose the food, games, times, and everything in between to make the party so fun.


Encourage people to dress up

Sure, we can all stay in our PJs, but haven’t we been doing that all year? Let’s switch it up and make it feel like a real party! Plus, it’ll feel nice to dress up for something again.


Make it a production

Just like the other points, make your virtual holiday party a production! Have specific times that things will happen, be loud and fun, include music, videos, and everything you could think of that would make it feel like a big event. Keep people engaged!


Play fun games

To add to the last point, choosing specific games to play will keep your guests engaged and having tons of fun. You could do fun games like Pictionary, charades, and trivia!

Having a virtual holiday party can still be super fun and memorable for you and your guests. Don’t feel like being stuck at home for the holidays is a bad thing! It’s just a new way to find ways to connect with those around you.


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