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The Best Motivation Routine to Stay Accountable in 2022

The Best Motivation Routine to Stay Accountable in 2022

They say it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to build a habit, so here’s a motivation routine to get you started!

Establishing a motivation routine isn’t the easiest, but it’s so worth it. 

The pandemic has completely changed the way the world operates, with many people working from home, or worse — unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

Many people share the stress expressed around the world. Sadly, we aren’t out of the woods yet. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a motivation routine in 2022 to change the trajectory of your life for the better.


Morning routine

I usually wake up between 6:45 and 7:00 a.m. I know most people say they don’t look at their phone first thing in the morning. I’m not that person. I will quickly check my emails, look over the news, and check my DMs.

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Once I’m done doing that and completely awake, I get up, shower, and get ready for the day. In order to get in the mindset of work, I do my hair and makeup and throw on some athleisure wear since I’m working from home. I come out of my room, chat with my son before he has to start school from home. I make coffee, read a few pages from the current book I’m reading, and when 9 a.m. hits, I get to work.

I turn my laptop on, open all the tabs I need to look at: email, Asana, Clockify, Google Calendar, Honeybook, and Slack. I check all of my to-do’s, check to see what client calls I have in my calendar, and pick the most pressing pieces of content I need to create.


Afternoon routine

Once noon rolls around, I get up and make my son lunch and take out our dog, Candy (don’t worry, she was taken out in the morning by my son). I take Candy for a stroll around our complex so I can get a quick walk after lunch.

Once I’m back inside, I fit in some time to resume a course that I’ve signed up for so I can further sharpen my skills or I’ll fill out a few pages from my 2021 Powersheets. After about an hour, I get some more work done and knock out some more content or do some admin work. Towards the end of the day, say 4:30 p.m., I break again and head over to the gym so I can work out for an hour to an hour and a half. Working out is a must, and not just for the physical benefits but for the mental ones as well. This is my time, and it’s an essential part of my daily routine.


Evening routine

After my workout - I come home, shower, and get comfortable. Sometimes I make dinner for my son, sometimes - he makes dinner for me. After dinner, I try to get a little more work done before going over the following day's schedule. Depending on how busy my schedule is - I’ll continue working or I’ll enjoy the evening with my son. We’ll get out for the evening for a leisurely walk with Candy, then come home, watch a show, read, and then go to bed.

Once COVID-19 is under control (who knows when that’ll be), our circumstances and routines might change. For now, I’m happy to focus on this simple motivation routine which allows me to set goals and milestones for 2022.


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