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Client Appointment Expectations

Client Appointment Expectations

What Should Clients Expect During Their MOBILESTYLES Appointment?

Relaxation and pampering are a given when you book a service with MOBILESTYLES, but what else can you expect during your on-demand health and beauty appointment?

Health And Safety

COVID-19 Protocol

The CDC released a series of screening questions to determine your risk of infection during your PRO appointment. If you answer any of these questions with “no,” the appointment must be canceled or rescheduled.

Safe Environment

All services must be performed in a safe environment, with plenty of ventilation and access to a hand-washing area.

Allergen Notice

Inform the booking department, as well as your PRO, of any allergies or sensitivity to products or chemicals before the start of your appointment.

Lighting and Ventilation

MOBILESTYLES services should be performed in a well-lit area. If you are receiving a chemical service (e.g. keratin treatment), there should be adequate air circulation in the room.


In-App Messaging

Communicate with your PRO within the app about your appointment. If applicable, provide sample photos and details of your desired service results (e.g. hairstyle, hair color, nail color, etc.). This will allow your PRO to prepare special products or tools they'll need to complete the request.

Change of Plans

Reach out to our Booking Department with any schedule changes that will affect your PRO appointment. They'll work with you and the PRO to find a different time or reschedule for another day! Or, simply tap “Reschedule” within your booking request within the app.

Additional Information

If needed, our booking department will reach out to you prior to your appointment via text to request additional information (e.g. location details, etc.).


Relax and Unwind

Sit back and enjoy being pampered by your PRO!

Contact Us

Get in touch with our friendly agents!

Our booking department is ready to assist you with anything you might need regarding your account or appointment. Here’s how you can quickly and easily reach us:

Call: (888) 902-0720
Text: (323) 897-1512