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Client Safety Tips

Health and Safety Tips

Keep your client and yourself safe by following the guidelines outlined below.

COVID-19 Safety

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Wear a Mask

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask.

While mask mandates are ever-changing, we believe that wearing them when in direct contact for such a long period of time will be beneficial to both you and your PRO.

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Limit Extra People

Keep the area clear of people that aren't having work done.

If you're having your appointment in your home, it'll be best to let any roommates and family members know ahead of time. In order to prevent spreading any illnesses, we advise clearing the area of anyone not involved in the appointment.

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Disinfect Work Area

Clean your area before and after your appointment.

While your PRO is disinfecting their materials and tools before your appointment, it might be beneficial for you to disinfect the space they will be working in before they arrive. If they're going to be using a counter space that you provide, it'll be best to give it a few wipes with some disinfectant so it's kept clean for your appointment.

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Do Temperature Checks

Check the temperature of everyone who will be in contact with the stylist.

Have anyone who's coming in contact with the PRO have their temperature checked beforehand, as well as the PRO. Anything from 99 degrees and above is cause for concern, and would be best to reschedule the appointment for another time.

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Use Hand Sanitizer

Have sanitizer readily available for anyone to use.

Having hand sanitizer available for the PRO and yourself is a great way to make sure that you're both staying safe and adhering to current COVID-19 protocols.

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Complete COVID-19 Questionnaire

Fill out our pre-appointment COVID-19 questionnaire.

To ensure the safety of both our PROs and Clients, a COVID-19 questionnaire is sent to both parties. If both of the parties' answers meet the requirements, the PRO and Client are clear to proceed with the appointment.

Identify Safety

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Double Check Your PRO

Make sure when your PRO arrives, it's the same person on the app.

When you PRO arrives, verify that they are the exact person that you've requested through the app. If they are not who you have requested, do not proceed with the appointment and make sure you report this to the MOBILESTYLES App. If at any point you feel unsafe, be sure you contact the proper authorities in your area.

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Ask Any Questions

Ask about any lingering questions you may have.

If you have any concerns about the service you're getting, or if there are any products or chemicals you might be allergic or sensitive to, be sure to let you PRO know sooner rather than later. They'll be able to address your concerns and have you ready for a safe, productive appointment.

Payment Safety

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Pay Through App

Avoid using cash or paying the stylist directly.

For the safety and security of Clients and PROs engaged in transactions using MOBILESTYLES App, our policy strictly prohibits cash payments. PROs are not allowed to collect cash payments and Clients are not allowed to pay for their services using cash (with the exception of tips). All payments must occur directly through the MOBILESTYLES App.

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Report Unauthorized Charges

If you see something out of the ordinary, speak up.

If you notice an out-of-the-ordinary charge that you didn't authorize, contact one of our onboarding agents immediately. Don't be too careful — if you see something unusual, speak up!

Our friendly onboarding agents are ready to answer any questions you have regarding COVID-19 safety, identity safety, payment safety, or anything else related to the MOBILESTYLES App!

You can reach the Onboarding Department by calling (888) 902-0720 or texting (323) 897-1512.