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How It Works

Quickly register and become a PRO so you can find clients, schedule appointments to provide services, and accept your payout!

How To

Register as a Client

Getting started with MOBILESTYLES takes only a few steps! All PROs start out with a Client status but can easily upgrade to a PRO status at any time. Even as a PRO, you’ll still be able to book appointments as a Client!
  1. Download the MOBILESTYLES App.
  2. Tap Sign Up.
  3. Enter your information.
  4. Fill in your Profile.
How To

Prepare Your Documentation

In order to register as a PRO, you need to make sure your profile, required documents, and information are up to date to ensure a quick and smooth approval process!
Have important documentation handy, including:

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Bank Information
  3. Professional License (if applicable)
  4. Portfolio Images
How To

Register as a PRO

Quickly and easily upgrade your account from Client to PRO status with a few additional steps!
  1. Let us know how you heard about us!
  2. Provide us with your SSN.
  3. Input your Location and select the service areas you’ll be covering.
  4. Upload your Professional License (if applicable).
  5. Select a Professional Title to be displayed alongside your name.
  6. Select Services to provide based on your license(s) or certification(s).
  7. Update your Travel Distance to let us know how far you’re willing to travel for appointments.
  8. Input your Bank Information so you can receive payouts.
  9. Showcase the work you’ve done by uploading high quality Portfolio Images.
  10. Add a Bio and Vibes to give Clients a glimpse into your personality and interests!
  11. Grant MOBILESTYLES permission to run a thorough Background Check.
  12. Be on the lookout for notifications from our friendly Onboarding Agents regarding the status of your application!
  13. If any additional information is needed, we’ll alert you.
  14. If no additional information is needed and you successfully pass your Background Check, you’ll automatically be approved and prompted to schedule your Onboarding Session!
How To

Complete Your Onboarding Session

In order for us to finalize your PRO application, we need you to complete your required Onboarding Session with our friendly agents to make you an official PRO! You can schedule this right from your Profile.
  1. Open the MOBILESTYLES App.
  2. Tap on the Profile Tab.
  3. Scroll down to your PRO Application.
  4. Select Schedule Onboarding.
How To

Accept Appointments

Once your PRO application has been reviewed and you’ve successfully passed your background check, you’re officially a MOBILESTYLES PRO ready to accept appointments with Clients!
  1. Open the MOBILESTYLES App.
  2. Tap on the Appointments Tab.
  3. View all of your requested bookings.
  4. Tap on each booking request and Accept if you’re available, or provide an alternative appointment date/time.
How To

Successfully Complete Appointments

We know you’re eager to provide excellent service to your Clients!
  1. Ensure you have all of the necessary supplies to provide the service requested.
  2. Take Before & After Photos so you can show off your excellent work in your portfolio.
  3. Make sure you start the clock by tapping Start when you greet your client.
  4. Make sure you stop the clock by tapping Finish when you’ve completed the appointment.
  5. Tap Check Out.
  6. Get your Client’s Signature within your app and tap Accept.
  7. Give your Client a Rating. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. Check out the rating your Client gave you, so you can ensure you’re always improving your services for the next Client.
How To

Receive Your Payout

After successfully completing your scheduled appointments, we know you’re ready to get paid!
  1. Within seven days (max) of your successfully completed appointment, MOBILESTYLES will issue an ACH with your earnings.
  2. ACH payments are processed on a weekly basis.
  3. In order to ensure no issues arise when the ACH is processed, always make sure your Bank Information is up to date.
    1. You must have a valid checking account (routing number and account number) attached to your profile to receive the funds.