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Tips to Gain Recurring Bookings With MOBILESTYLES App

How Can I Build Client Loyalty?
If you’re wondering how to get more appointments, you can use the MOBILESTYLES platform to build a loyal client base and gain repeat business. But, the quality and value of your service will always determine the Client’s overall satisfaction. A happy Client is likely to be a repeat Client in the future. Take a moment to read how you can ensure you’re making your Clients happy!

Enhance Your PRO Profile

Complete Your Profile

If you want repeat Clients, be sure to showcase your personality through your bio questions. Let Clients know what makes you tick, in order to form a deeper and longer lasting Client-PRO relationship!

Showcase Your Skills

Have a diverse portfolio that showcases different looks and services. Use high-quality images (meaning no fuzzy, out-of-focus images or poor lighting). Be sure to update your portfolio consistently to reflect new skills you may have learned!

Update Your Mileage

Update the mileage you’re willing to travel in order to increase your profile visibility within the range specified.

Select Your Services

List all services you’re licensed or certified to perform. When a Client searches for a service, they’re able to see all the PROs in the area who offer that service. Showcasing a variety of services increases your visibility!

Set Your Availability

In order to be visible to potential Clients, you need to set your availability — it’s beneficial to do so in advance, as some Clients prefer to book their services for a future date.

Promote Yourself

Profile Weblinks

MOBILESTYLES provides you with your own profile weblink, which showcases your portfolio, services offered, bio questions, as well as a “Book Me” button. Share your profile weblink on your social networks so existing and future Clients can book with you directly. Use the tools you have at hand to promote yourself!

Promo Codes

Utilize sharing your designated Promo Code, which provides Clients with 10% off the services they book with you. You should share your Promo Code on social networks and place it near the weblink so it’s easily accessible for new Clients!

Special Offers for Repeat Bookings

If a Client books a particular service often throughout the year, offer them a discounted rate or extra services for booking repeat appointments in advance. This is an excellent customer back approach!

PRO Spotlight

Participate in the MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight, where PROs are showcased monthly on MOBILESTYLES' YouTube and Instagram highlights, providing you with even greater visibility!

Deliver an Excellent Service Experience

Practice Punctuality

Always arrive on time to your appointment. Punctuality is a must to gain repeat Clients!

Follow COVID-19 Safety

Adhere to all CDC-recommended guidelines when working on or near other people, to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 through close physical contact.

Come Prepared

Have all the products and tools necessary for your appointment sanitized and ready to go before the start of your appointment.

Clean up After Yourself

Always be sure to clean your work area after performing a service. The area in which a service was provided should look like it did before performing the service. Make sure to bring all necessary cleaning supplies to your appointment!

Give Small Gifts

Create small gift items to leave with Clients after performing a service. Customize them with your MOBILESTYLES weblink or contact information to remind them to book with you when they use that item (for example: lip balm, lotion, body oil, etc.).

Create a Strong Rapport With Clients

Be Responsive

Respond quickly to any messages and/or calls received regarding appointments near your area. Although most Clients book directly through the app, we do have Clients who reach out requesting assistance in finding a PRO.

Utilize In-App Messaging

Utilize in-app messaging to communicate with your Clients, asking questions on their desired look, as well as providing preliminary instructions. This way both you and your Client will be on the same page when they arrive for the appointment!

Ask About Improvements

Ask your Clients what they liked about the service you provided. Use this feedback to improve your services for your new and repeat Clients!

Suggest Repeat Bookings

When you perform an initial appointment, ask your Client how often they typically book the service with other professionals. If they book with relative frequency, ask if they would like to book with you in advance for their next service. Allow them to choose a frequency that fits their lifestyle and recommend based on your professional experience how often you believe they should have the specific service performed (for example: get a haircut once every two months, etc.).

Cater to Your Client

Extend Your Knowledge

Be open to sharing knowledge with your Clients! If you’re a hairstylist and your Client asks how to get tangles out of their hair, don’t be afraid to share some tips and a few products you think could help them out!

Provide Recommendations

Educate your Client on how often they should be booking certain services. If you feel they should book a particular service more frequently, suggest it to them with your professional advice as to why you see it beneficial.

Our friendly onboarding agents are readily available to answer any questions you have regarding repeat Clients, bookings, payouts, how to book more appointments, or anything else related to the MOBILESTYLES App!

You can reach the Onboarding Department by calling (888) 902-0720 or texting (323) 897-1512.