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Kenneth Charles - Professional mobile in Peoria

Kenneth Charles P.
Peoria, AZ
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About my career

My name is Kenneth Charles and I am a professional in Peoria, AZ. I offer services without you having to leave your home. All of my mobile beauty services are available to you anytime, anywhere through the mobile beauty app.

All of my beauty services are customized to fit your own unique needs and style and are available on the nation's top-rated mobile beauty app. Schedule an appointment with me today and receive the specialtreatment you deserve in Peoria, AZ.



9. What’s your favorite state or country that you’ve visited?

I love to travel. I have traveled all over the world. There’s no place like home.

8. Do you have a favorite song that inspires you to be creative?

There is a lot of inspirational music to be heard.

7. What’s your favorite drink?

Most often I order water.

6. Are you a cat or dog person?

I am an animal lover. I currently have a French bulldog named Henry.

5. Have you serviced anyone famous - celebrities, models, musicians, athletes?

Over the years, yes I have done many famous peoples hair.

4. What is your specialty?

Mens grooming, I have personally done over 100K haircuts.

3. Have you worked at major hair salons or spas? If so, please list the names for reference.

Capital Barber Shop, I had a regular clientele booking 60 - 80 haircuts a week.

2. Now, tell us what brands you prefer to use.

I love Prospectors brand products.

1. First off, what school(s) did you attend?

Rosston’s School of Mens Hair Design, Los Angles California.

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