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SARINA W. - Pofessional mobile in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
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About my career

Hi, my name is SARINA and I am a PRO in Atlanta, GA. My on-demand mobile salon services for mobile massage services, 60 minute massage, mobile makeup and beauty services, N/A are available for you anytime, anywhere! All of my mobile salon services come directly to you, at your home, office, or any location!

All of my on-demand salon services are available for you to start booking now on the nation's fastest-growing mobile Beauty & Health app. Simply start by downloading the Mobile Styles app today to book services with the best in Atlanta, GA!


Generous Positive Balanced Mellow

What school did you attend?

I attended New York College of Professions. Due to coming from NY, you had to have way more hrs than the average massage school, so my skill set is on point and very versatile.



Music soothes the soul. What’s your favorite?

I love R&B that chill vibe

How do you relax after a long day?

I'm a movie buff so I can do a Nexflix and chill night after work

Favorite beverage?

I love fruity Teas I don't drink Coffee at all

What motivates you to be the best at your craft?

My passion to see people healed through Touch. Removing pain is my mission

How do you create the perfect experience for your clients?

I bring aromatherapy and sometimes do hot Towels and focus on the client's needs that they present to me when I go to them, and they tell me their expectations for that Massage Session

What else do you want your clients to know about you?

I send out positive vibes before I meet the Client. I say a prayer that healing is the ultimate result for their session

First off, what school(s) did you attend?

New York College of Health Professions

Massage & Body Work

30-min Active/Passive Isolated Stretching 30-min Ankle Massage 30-min Aroma Therapy Massage 30-min AromaTouch Technique 30-min Bust Massage 30-min CBD Massage 30-min Chair Massage 30-min Combo Massage 30-min Couple's Massage 30-min Cranio-Sacral Massage 30-min Cupping Therapy 30-min Custom Oil Massage 30-min Customized Massage 30-min Deep Tissue Massage 30-min Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage 30-min Elbow Massage 30-min Firm Swedish Massage 30-min Full-Body Oil Massage 30-min Gemstone Massage 30-min Geriatric Massage 30-min Head Massage 30-min Hellerwork 30-min Hemp Oil Massage 30-min Herbal Foot Massage 30-min Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 30-min Hot Stone Massage 30-min Integrative Reflexology 30-min Japanese Massage 30-min Jet Lag Massage 30-min Leg Massage 30-min Light Swedish Massage 30-min Lower Arm Massage 30-min Lower Leg Massage 30-min Lymphatic Drainage Massage 30-min Manual Lymphatic Drainage 30-min Marma Point Therapy 30-min Myofacial Release (MFR) Massage 30-min MyoSkeletal Alignment 30-min Neck Massage 30-min Neuromuscular 30-min Oncology Massage 30-min Process Acupressure 30-min Prenatal Massage 30-min Reflexology 30-min Rolfing 30-min Scalp Massage 30-min Shoulder Massage 30-min Torso Massage 30-min Shiatsu Massage 30-min Sports Massage 30-min Stress Relief Massage 30-min Stretch Massage 30-min Swedish 30-min Swedish-Balinese Massage 30-min Thai Massage 30-min Tapotement 30-min Trigger Point Therapy 30-min Upper Body Massage 30-min Visceral Manipulation 30-min Arm Massage 30-min Facial Massage 30-min Foot Massage 30-min Hand & Foot Massage 30-min Hand Massage 30-min Aroma Stone Massage 30-min Firm Swedish Combination Massage

Makeup & Beauty Care

Anti-Aging Foot Treatment Anti-Aging Hand & Foot Treatment Anti-Aging Hand Treatment Back Hydrafacial Foot Exfoliation Foot Paraffin Wax Foot Reflexology Full-Body Exfoliation Hand & Foot Exfoliation Hand & Foot Paraffin Wax Hand & Foot Reflexology Hand Exfoliation Hand Paraffin Wax Hand Reflexology Special Back Treatment
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