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Michelle E. - Pofessional mobile in Grapevine

Michelle E.
Grapevine, TX
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About my career

My name is Michelle and I am a professional in Grapevine, TX. I offer services such as mobile hair care services, mobile barber services, mobile massage services, 60 minute massage, kids hair services, kids hair styling services and mobile nail services, artificial nails without you having to leave your home. All of my mobile beauty services are available to you anytime, anywhere through the mobile beauty app.

All of my beauty services are customized to fit your own unique needs and style and are available on the nation's top-rated mobile beauty app. Schedule an appointment with me today and receive the special mobile hair care services treatment you deserve in Grapevine, TX.



9. What’s your favorite state or country that you’ve visited?

Saint Martin/ Saint Thomas

8. Do you have a favorite song that inspires you to be creative?

Not really, country dancing to let off steam. I Want Money if I’m depressed or need a motivation boost.

7. What’s your favorite drink?

Chicory Coffee / coffee

6. Are you a cat or dog person?

Definitely a dog person

5. Have you serviced anyone famous - celebrities, models, musicians, athletes?

I’ve worked on actors from Hawaii 5-0, Magnum PI, Former Ms. Texas.,

4. What is your specialty?

My usual client is Color, Highlights, Cut, Keratherapy treatment, and Hot Heads/HairTalk Hair Extensions. Yes a long day.

3. Have you worked at major hair salons or spas? If so, please list the names for reference.

Yes, I have been a a hairstylist for the last 28 years. For the last 16 years. I have ben a independent hairstylist, and have leased at Salon And Spa Galleria in GrapevineI for the last 7 yrs. Before that I owned salons and spas in Dallas, and Hairport Salon Plus in Bedford. I worked at Pro Image Salon in 2004.

2. Now, tell us what brands you prefer to use.

I use Oway organic Lighters, Color, Organic straighteners/ perms and organic hair care, Schwartzkopf organic Color, Keratherapy Keratin Smoothing Treatments and Natural Hair Care, leaf and Flower CBD Hair Care, Pain reliever lotion, CBD Daily Lotions, Serums, and CBD Fleurtiva daily drops.

1. First off, what school(s) did you attend?

I attended Aladdin Beauty College in 1992 and graduated in 1993. I’ve certified in Hot Heads Hair Extensions, So Cap USA Hair Extensions, Keratherapy, Keratin Complex, Mediceuticals,

Hair Care

Quick Weave Quick Weave Bob

Massage & Body Work

30-min Lower Arm Massage 30-min Neck Massage 30-min Scalp Massage 30-min Shoulder Massage 30-min Arm Massage 30-min Facial Massage 30-min Foot Massage 30-min Hand & Foot Massage 30-min Hand Massage

Kid’s Services

Kid's Hairspray Kid's Hair Gel

Nail Care

Soak-Off Gel Manicure Soak-Off Gel Pedicure

Hair Removal

Back of Neck Wax Back Wax Bikini Full Wax Bikini Line Wax Brazilian Wax Chest & Stomach Wax Chest Wax Chin Wax Eyebrow & Lip Wax Eyebrow Wax Face Wax Forehead Wax Foot Wax Full-Arm Wax Full-Back Wax Full-Face Wax Full-Leg Wax Hand Wax Half-Arm Wax Half-Back Wax Lip Wax Lower Arm Wax Lower Leg Wax Men Brazilian Neck Wax Nostril Wax Playboy Wax Shoulder Wax Sideburns Wax Stomach Line Wax Sugaring Toe Wax Tweezing Under Arm Wax Upper Arm Wax Upper Leg Wax

Makeup & Beauty Care

4-Layer Facial Anti-Aging Facial Basic Facial Biolight Facial CBD Facial Clay Facial Collagen Facial Corrective Exfoliation Deep Cleansing Facial Exfoliation Galvanic Current Facial Glyco Peel Glycolic Facial High Frequency Facial Hydra Medic Facial Hydraderm Facial Hydrafacial Booster Hydrafacials Hydrafacial DermaBuilder LED Light Therapy Facial Lift & De-Puff Eye Treatment Lip & Eye Exfoliation & Treatment Lip Exfoliation & Treatment Microcurrent Facial Mask Facial Microderm Facial Microdermabrasion Mini Facial Mud Facial Oil Facial Pore Refining Facial Pore Extraction Pressure Points Massage Repêchage Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial Revitalizing Facial Seaweed Facial Sensitive Skin CBD Facial Sensitive Skin Facial Sinus Massage Skin Consultation Spa Facial European Spot Treatment Facial Superfood Facial Vita Cura Facial Vitamin-C Facial Vitamin-C Peel Facial Wine Facial
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