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Judith Maria - Professional mobile in Miami

Judith Maria C.
Miami, FL
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About my career

Hi, my name is Judith Maria and I am a PRO in Miami, FL. My on-demand mobile salon services are available for you anytime, anywhere! All of my mobile salon services come directly to you, at your home, office, or any location!

All of my on-demand salon services are available for you to start booking now on the nation's fastest-growing mobile Beauty & Health app. Simply start by downloading the Mobile Styles app today to book services with the best in Miami, FL!



9. What’s your favorite state or country that you’ve visited?


8. Do you have a favorite song that inspires you to be creative?

instrumental music of piano, violin and guitar

7. What’s your favorite drink?

tropical juices

6. Are you a cat or dog person?


5. Have you serviced anyone famous - celebrities, models, musicians, athletes?


4. What is your specialty?

lymphatic drainage

3. Have you worked at major hair salons or spas? If so, please list the names for reference.

I work Mobile Therapies under my own firm, especially postoperative cosmetic surgery patients.

2. Now, tell us what brands you prefer to use.

Low fragrance, easy absorption and low density brands

1. First off, what school(s) did you attend?

not provided