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CHRISTINE B. - Pofessional mobile Cosmetologistin Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ
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About my Cosmetologist career

My name is CHRISTINE and I am a professional Cosmetologist in Phoenix, AZ. I offer services such as mobile nail services, artificial nails without you having to leave your home. All of my mobile beauty services are available to you anytime, anywhere through the mobile beauty app.

All of my beauty services are customized to fit your own unique needs and style and are available on the nation's top-rated mobile beauty app. Schedule an appointment with me today and receive the special mobile nail services treatment you deserve in Phoenix, AZ.


Artistic Bright Classy Positive

Let’s talk education.

I attended Marinello Schools of Beauty and Studied Cosmetology

What school did you attend?


Music soothes the soul. What’s your favorite?

Smooth Jazz, R & B

How do you relax after a long day?

Go to the Park. Sit by the pool and enjoy the Sun. Have something good to eat. Watch TV

Favorite beverage?

Fresh Squeezed or Pressed Juices

What motivates you to be the best at your craft?

My first passion is Art. I also love being Creative. I focus on taking care of my client’s natural nail and care for them. The motivation of giving them knowledge on how to take care their nails is important to me.

How do you create the perfect experience for your clients?

Making sure my clients enjoy the concept of relaxation and self care while receiving services from me. My motive is imagining yourself in the chair receiving the services you want and how you would want to feel. Giving positive energy and connection

What else do you want your clients to know about you?

That I am a very caring and I have a big heart. Going through certain experiences in my life dedicating that towards Self Love and Self Care it comes first in your life it’s important. I love to connect and build great relationships with my clients.

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