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4 Options for the Most Stunning January Birthstone Jewelry

4 Options for the Most Stunning January Birthstone Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a beautiful Garnet? We know you’ll love these beautiful pieces of January birthstone jewelry!

Let’s hear it for our January babies — treat yourselves to a beautiful January birthstone jewelry piece!

New year, new January birthstone jewelry to collect! If you don’t already know, the birthstone for this month is Garnet. The Garnet is mined in a rainbow of colors, but more commonly, a fiery orange-red. It’s also the symbol of friendship and trust.



A simple minimal necklace like this one is so perfect for someone who doesn’t want a showy piece of jewelry. The small pendant still stands out, but it has a more subtle vibe that many can appreciate.



Not everyone likes to wear necklaces, and that’s okay. This beautiful bracelet with several gemstones is so dainty and feminine. It will work perfectly with everything you put on!



Earrings are a great way to wear jewelry. You can create statement earrings or a minimal stud. These garnet earrings have such a beautiful touch of class and will complement basically any skin tone.



Rings are a great way to accessorize without adding too much bulk to your overall look for the day. This garnet ring is absolutely perfect for a chic vibe and works so well with the winter season. We’d definitely pair this ring with the earrings for a completely January look.

2021 may have been a tough year for a lot of us, but why not start the new year with some new January birthstone jewelry to treat yourself? You can even give these to a loved one for their birthday. We bet they’d really appreciate the sentiment, and who doesn’t love to receive gifts of gemstones dedicated to the month they were born?


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