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Everything You Need to Know About Rice Water for Hair Growth

Everything You Need to Know About Rice Water for Hair Growth

If you’re looking to improve the health of your hair or grow out your long, luscious locks, a rice water protein treatment may be just what you need.

Using rice water protein treatment as a hair care method originated in ancient Japan.

The benefits of rice water for hair growth and overall health can also be seen in China. The women in Huangluo, China, have an average hair length of 6 six feet, and they also use rice water to take care of their hair. Rice water protein treatments help to maintain the color of your hair, which can actually prevent and postpone the growth of grey hairs. Using rice water as a hair health treatment has become increasingly popular with celebrities. Even Kim Kardashian has hopped on the rice water trend!

The rice water protein treatment contains minerals and vitamins, like amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins, and vitamin E.

Photo Of Rice On Wooden Spoon

The Benefits

-Rice water helps with hair growth.
-Rice water makes hair stronger.
-Rice water coats the hair and protects it from damage.
-Rice water smoothes hair and increases shine.


How To

-To make rice water, simply soak ½ cup of organic uncooked rice in 2 cups of water for approximately 30 minutes. Strain the rice water into a container. Cover the rice water and let stand at room temperature for 24 hours to allow for fermentation and more hair care benefits. After 24 hours have passed, store the rice water for up to one week to prevent it from going bad.

-To use the rice water, shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would in the shower. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Pour the rice water over your hair as a rinse. Massage the rice water into your scalp, and let it soak into your hair for a few minutes. We suggest doing this at the beginning of your shower, and allowing it to soak in while you do the rest of your shower routine and rinsing it out before you exit the shower.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the rice water protein treatment to provide your hair with essential vitamins to promote long, healthy locks!


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