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5 Trendy Footwear Ideas Youll See Everywhere This Spring

5 Trendy Footwear Ideas You'll See Everywhere This Spring

There’s no better way to spring into a new season than with trendy footwear. It’s time to pack away the snow boots and let your toes feel some sunshine!

Spring is the season for trendy footwear and a fresh awakening.

Trendy footwear comes and goes just like the seasons change. Luckily, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the shoe game with these spring trendy footwear ideas that will pull your entire outfit together and put a little extra spring in your step (pun intended)! 

Some of these spring footwear choices are actually revamped trends from decades past. Who would've thought? 

Puffy / Padded Sandals

I know what you’re thinking, puffy sandals? That’s a little weird, right? Sure, they are a bit weird but they also possess an undeniable cool factor and are a lot more forgiving on your feet. In fact, they look like little clouds on your feet!

padded sandals

Give them a try this spring, you won’t regret it.

Square Toe


Square toe boots and heels have been trendy since early 2020 and that trend will not be going away anytime soon! I personally love this style, especially open square toe lace-up heels! It’s edgy yet classy.

baby doll

Mary Jane Shoes

The 90s are back and with babydoll shoes, also known as Mary Jane shoes! Sure, at first glance Mary Jane shoes may seem a bit childish. However, after seeing celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz and Harry Styles wear these adorable shoes I’ve fallen head over heels for them.

animal print

Animal Print

A full-on animal print shoe is everything you need and more. I’m pretty sure they're seasonless at this point! My personal favorites that will be super trendy this spring are snakeskin print and cow print.

Public Desire has really cute cow print platform boots that will be a great addition to your spring wardrobe.

Platform Slides

Platforms, or platform slide sandals, will be a big hit this Spring 2021! Not only are they comfortable and easy to put on, but they are super stylish and can be the perfect staple to add to your closet.

If you’re planning to try out any of these trendy footwear ideas as the clouds roll out and flowers bloom in the spring, we want to see! Tag us at our MOBILESTYLES Instagram. 


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