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Mardi Gras Makeup Looks You Will Fall in Love With

Mardi Gras Makeup Looks You Will Fall in Love With

Let’s celebrate this festive event right with Mardi Gras makeup looks. Mardi Gras this year falls on February 16.

On the day of collecting beads, don’t forget your Mardi Gras makeup look. On the day of collecting beads, don’t forget your Mardi Gras makeup look.

This New Orleans festival is the perfect time to show off your makeup skills with a Mardi Gras makeup look. These looks are perfect for photo ops along the streets in New Orleans' French Quarter, and to catch the attention of passersby! We’ve put together this Mardi Gras makeup look book to help you pick out your eye-catching look!


Incorporate the Festive Colors

Green, purple, and gold are the celebratory colors for this holiday event. Did you know that they symbolize justice, faith, and power? So, we can’t forget about these important colors while we discover Mardi Gras-inspired looks. You can keep it simple by adding small dashes of these colors either with lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner. Or, you can go all out by adding purple, green, and gold glitter, paint, blush, and more!

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Add Beads and Jewels

Beads are essential for all Mardi Gras goers. So, why not add them to your makeup look! You can find a load of gems or jewels that resemble beads online or in beauty stores. Or, you can even break apart a Mardi Gras bead necklace to apply them with your look. By bedazzling your look, you are adding extra elegance and fun that every Mardi Gras event needs.


Create a Mask

Want to test your creative abilities while also going to the next level? Then, you need to create a mask with makeup. Before starting this look, you need to make sure you have all the supplies — colorful eyeshadows, eyeliners, body paint, beads, jewels, glitter, feathers, and anything else you need to make your image come to life. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this look may take you two or more hours to create. So, make sure to schedule out some time in your schedule to finish it all. Once you complete it, make sure to take many photos and send some to us!

Go All Out

In the world of makeup, there are no rules! That means you can definitely go all out when creating a Mardi Gras look. You can even incorporate all the options above for this look. We recommend letting your imagination run wild when creating this look. And to complete this look, you can even add the wardrobe to go with it. This look is great for any (virtual) parties or events that you will be attending this year.

We hope these Mardi Gras makeup looks put you in a festive mood. We also would love to see any of these looks that you do. Send us photos on social media @mobilestylesapp. Stay gorgeous! 


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