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Wine Pairing Chart Which Wines Pair Well With Which Foods

Wine Pairing Chart: Which Wines Pair Well With Which Foods?

Always wanted to impress your fellow diners with your knowledge of a wine pairing chart? Read ahead for a handy blueprint to keep up your sleeve. Cheers!

 We’ve created this wine pairing chart for your next gathering. 

 Wondering why you need a wine pairing chart? The wrong wine pairing can completely ruin an otherwise perfect dinner party meal. So, the next time you’re at the grocery store getting ready to entertain guests in your home, pull out this handy wine pairing chart so you know which delicious bottle of wine to pick out to go with your steaks!

white wine

White wine

Here’s a rule of thumb that’s pretty easy to remember: when in doubt, white wine will pair excellently with white meats and fish. Albarino, a Portuguese white, goes deliciously with prawns, mussels, and raw oysters — or indeed, any simple and fresh shellfish. A medium to full-bodied Chardonnay is an ideal accompaniment for chicken and turkey, while an oaky chardonnay is perfect with a smoked fish (salmon or trout.) Muscat, which is a dry white, is usually included on dessert lists for a reason: it’s yummy with after-dinner treats like honey, pastries, puddings, ice cream, cake, and fruit (our mouth is watering just thinking about it). Pinot Grigio, another popular white, is a great option if you’re having Chinese takeout, as it compliments dishes like dim sum, spring rolls, and duck. Riesling, a German wine, goes deliciously with Thai green curry or chicken korma — but also with sweets like apple pie or vanilla ice cream. And then there’s Sancerre: if you’re indulging in something like foie gras or creamy cheeses, this is your go-to.

red wine

Red wine

As for red wines, as you’d expect, most are the ideal partner in crime for hearty meats like steaks and chops. The ever-popular Cabernet Sauvignon is just screaming to be served with a slow-roasted lamb or beef dinner, or coq au vin if you’re feeling fancy. Gamay, a dry red wine grown in Beaujolais, is a BBQ essential, as it goes great with grilled vegetables, sausages, and spare ribs. Grenache, a semi-sweet dry wine grown in regions like Rioja, and Zinfandel tend to pair well with dishes that involve game or venison. If you’re craving a steak, Argentinian Malbec or Tempranillo is one of the best matches there is, while Merlot is beautiful alongside roast chicken, turkey, duck, and casseroles. As for Pinot Noir? It’s simply stunning with mild soft cheeses, and lamb too. Meanwhile, a full-bodied Syrah or Shiraz will team up nicely with grilled steaks, pork, and roasted veggies as a real winter treat.



While this pink-hued drink is synonymous with summer, Rosé goes incredibly well with a wide range of foods — making it an ideal, year-round option. Across the board, experts recommend chicken, salmon, crab cakes, meaty fish, duck, lamb, tartlets, veggie skewers, charcuterie boards, and soft cheeses for a fool-proof palette pleaser. Meanwhile, sparkling Rosé goes great with cakes and fruit, while rosé Champagne is suitable with grilled lobster or game. And, if you like your food on the spicy food, a full-bodied, chilled rosé is the perfect pairing with dishes like curries or a flaming hot BBQ.


And now, for the finer things in life! If Champagne is on the agenda, here’s what to have in mind: Classic Brut variations go great with steak, truffle, and fried chicken. Blanc de Blancs is ideal with oysters, light fish, caviar, and (surprisingly) macaroni and cheese. Dry options pair best with lobster and roast chicken, while sweet-tasting champers is best served with octopus.

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