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4 Designer Shoe Dupes to Look Stylish All on a Budget

4 Designer Shoe Dupes to Look Stylish All on a Budget

There are so many cute new shoes we’re wanting, but only so much money in the budget. Today we rounded up some of the best designer shoe dupes.

Going broke buying brand names? Check out our designer shoe dupes!

There are "look alike shoes" alternative to everything. With an industry as large as fashion, it’s not too difficult to find at least two or even three designer shoe dupes that you can snag for a price way under the price of the original. 

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik Satin Pumps

You probably remember these from the famous Sex and the City movie as the shoes Mr. Big used to propose to Carrie Bradshaw. These shoes have been seen as such a famous shoe, we absolutely had to find a dupe for them. These dupes are still a little pricey, around $200, but considering the real pair is around $1000, these are so much cheaper for the same look!

women canvas sneakers

High-top Chuck Taylors

These classic shoes are not actually that expensive, but it’s still possible that it may be too expensive for someone. If you can’t afford the original classic high-top Chucks, these dupes on Amazon have the exact look for half the price! You can never go wrong with this classic look and there are so many colors to choose from.

women buckle mule

Gucci Mules

You’ve probably seen Gucci mules being worn by every single fashion influencer on the internet. However they’re pretty pricey at around $500. You can still achieve the mule look without breaking your bank with these stunning dupes.

chunky boots

Dr. Marten boots

Dr. Marten has been a classic boot in every punk rocker/goth’s wardrobe but as of recently have made their way to the more mainstream audience. However with the price tag, you’ll probably opt out from this trend, right? Wrong! This dupe is the perfect boot to achieve the edgy look you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest board for a least a year now.

If you’re trying to look your best this winter, we know these designer shoe dupes will be so perfect for you. You can look chic and stylish while still having enough money left over to shop for some more super cute things. Perhaps some summer designer shoe dupes?


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