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7 Tips on Nurturing Relationships Through the Pandemic

7 Tips on Nurturing Relationships Through the Pandemic

The pandemic emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships. Here are 7 easy ways that will help you!

What are nurturing relationships?

Whether you just started one or have been in nurturing relationships for many years, there is one thing that quarantine has taught us all — being alone with someone for an extended amount of time can cause a strain. All relationships have their ups and downs, which mean nurturing relationships is necessary all the time.



Communication is key to having a successful relationship. Without communication, you will not be able to grow together or solve issues that arise. As a couple, you need to be comfortable enough to tell each other your feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Whenever problems come up, you need to collectively think of a solution that will work for your dynamic. Sometimes communication does not come second nature for some people. That is why it is important to always be working on each other’s communication skills. And, if you are having a hard time coming with a proper solution, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a therapist or counselor.

man and woman with bone fire sitting on seashore

Find Fun Activities (You Both Enjoy)

You guys are spending loads of time alone in your home, and just like many people, it gets boring doing the same old thing. That is why you guys must keep things alive and fun by finding cool and new activities that you both enjoy. So grab a sheet of paper and write out all the activities you would like to do, whether that be camping, building a fire, painting, or having a movie marathon, just write it down. Once you both complete your lists, compare one another’s. See if there are any similarities or activities that you would both be down to try. And, before you know it, you will have a few things you both can enjoy!

write it

Write a List of Why You Love Each Other

When your significant other starts to annoy you with everything they do, you do not want your bond to wane. Instead, keep it strong by writing a list of all the reasons why you love each other. Making a list will remind you why you are with the other person and why you want it to keep working. And, do not be afraid to continue to add on to the list!

photo of man and woman laughing during daytime

Compliment Each Other

During hard times, we sometimes forget about the other person. We get so wrapped up in how we are going to survive or what the next steps are, that we forget to step back and appreciate the other person right next to us. So every day, make it a point to compliment each other once a day. It is the perfect indicator of showing that you both still care and love each other. Plus, it is the perfect self-esteem boost for those days where you do not feel like yourself.

Do the Little Things

The little things count! Do those dishes that were stacking up because your partner has not had time to do them. It will show them that you care about not only them but your family and the house. They will also feel relieved that it is one thing off their checklist. And, do not worry, your partner will do the little things in return for you as well like filling up your gas tank before heading off to work. By doing the little things for each other, you are showing that you still love and care.

two woman lying on sand facing camera

Be Kind

During this time, you definitely will have arguments, fights, and disagreements. You may say some regrettable things to each other or do actions that may hurt the other person’s feelings. At the end of the day, this is the person you love or like. You should always remember to be kind to each other. The moment you start to become meaner and meaner is the moment you start to lose the other. So instead of yelling, take a deep breath, walk out of the room, and recollect yourself.

Yes, the pandemic has caused strain for most relationships, but do not let it keep you guys in a funk. Follow the tips above to lead yourselves down the path of a nurturing relationship. 


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