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5 February Birthstone Jewelry Pieces to Gift

5 February Birthstone Jewelry Pieces to Gift

Add a pop of purple to any outfit with this wear-anywhere February birthstone jewelry.

Gorgeous February birthstone jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

Amethyst is also said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. At one point in history, only royalty was allowed to wear the stone. That makes for quite the February birthstone jewelry piece if you ask us!

Amethyst necklace

1. An Amethyst pendant necklace

These beautiful pendant necklaces make such a statement to your outfit, you’ll end up wearing it every day. The shade of purple complements any skin tone and will look so dainty on your neck with the simple gold chain.

Amethyst Ring

2. An Amethyst ring

Sometimes you don’t want to wear necklaces and that’s okay! If you prefer to wear rings, this stunning amethyst ring will take your breath away. You’ll probably spend way too much time just staring at it because of how gorgeous it is.

Amethyst bracelet

3. An Amethyst bracelet

If you prefer the lighter shade of the Amethyst stone, then you’ll absolutely love this bracelet. The lilac shade is complemented so well by the simple silver bracelet. This is a perfect way to show off your love for your birthstone without being too obvious and showy. Perfect for the minimalist!

amethysts earrings

4. A pair of Amethyst stud earrings

Perhaps you’re more of an earring person, but don’t really like the statement dangly pieces most people wear. These studs are not only incredibly beautiful, but perfect if you don’t like heavy pieces of jewelry hanging off your ears! The fact that they’re two big pieces of stone make them such a unique piece to add to your accessories collection.

Amethyst Beads

5. Amethyst Beads

If you’re into beads, these Amethyst beads are exactly what you need. These are perfect if you’re more into the boho look you can achieve with crystals. They’ll not only look stunning with any outfit, but you’re almost guaranteed to get compliments for having such a unique piece of jewelry around your neck!

If you’re a February baby, you should feel so lucky. The Amethyst stone is one of the most beautiful and powerful stones you could have on you, so being able to wear it proudly as your February birthstone jewelry is just so magical.


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