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The Ultimate Micro Wedding Checklist Pandemic Edition

The Ultimate Micro Wedding Checklist (Pandemic Edition)

Do you have a wedding coming up during the pandemic? Then, look at this ultimate micro wedding checklist for all your dos!

As if wedding planning doesn’t bring about enough stress, now we have COVID-19 to take into account.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the wedding industry, like many, has been thrown for a loop. Weddings have been canceled; people have had to reduce their number of guests; many people don't have the funds to afford a lavish day. However, there's still hope for many couples. The coronavirus cannot stop you from getting married — yay! To be best prepared, we recommend following a micro wedding checklist to make sure no details slip under your radar and put a damper on your big day!

Create Your Budget

Just like any other wedding, you need to have a solid budget in mind. Once you have your budget, you then figure out everything you need for the big day (venue, food, music, photography, attire, etc.). Budgeting during the pandemic is more important for some couples, especially if they have hit some financial difficulties due to losing a job. If you are having problems paying for things in full, many vendors and venues accept payment plans. Always talk to the companies or individuals you go with to decide what works best for you.

Have Multiple Game Plans

While having multiple game plans is not ideal for many couples, especially couples who like to be in control of their special day, it is important to have multiple plans during these times. For example, what if one of your vendors has to cancel because they contracted the virus? Or, what if your state or country goes into lockdown? No matter the scenario, you need to have a few backup plans to make sure your day goes smoothly.

bride and groom kissing

Choose a Select Group of Guests

Many places have restrictions on the number of people that can be gathered in one place. Therefore, you need to have a select group of attendees on your guest list. You will need to keep in mind your entire bridal party as well because they affect the number of people you can invite. You will want to keep the list limited to just close family and friends on both sides of the family. Also, remember that couples typically allow plus ones for their guests as well. So, while deciding on your group, make sure to keep in mind their additional guest.

Try Out a Video Call Ceremony and Reception

Now that you have narrowed down your guest list, you may have some hurt people that could not attend. And, while they cannot be with you physically, they can always attend your wedding virtually. That’s right, we are talking about setting up a video call of your ceremony and reception. This way everyone feels included. Plus, this option is great if you want to record the day so you can look back in years to come.

man and woman holding hands

Be Ready for Changes to Plan

The one thing you will hear from brides and grooms who have recently gotten married is that they have had to change their plans multiple times. While big game changers happen during the wedding, other plans can change as well like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, and more. And, while this may not go with your original plan or ideas, you have to be adaptable during these times.

Find Safe Vendors and Venues

To guarantee the safety of not only your guests but yourselves as well, you need to make sure you find safe vendors and venues. You will want these vendors and venues to practice health and safety with their staff and cleaning routines. For example, ask them before booking if they disinfect between events, wear masks, and carry around hand sanitizer.

blue hand sanitizer pump bottle

Follow CDC Health and Safety Guidelines

The most important task on this list is to always follow CDC health and safety guidelines. Even though you are having a wedding, you still want to stop the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. Therefore, you will want to make sure you have masks and hand sanitizer on hand for any guests who need them. You will also want to make sure your tables are at least six feet apart. And, on your wedding invitation, reiterate that if anyone feels sick or has had contact with individuals who have the coronavirus, they should stay home.

Just because we’re still in a pandemic doesn't mean your big day has to be ruined. By following the micro wedding checklist above, your wedding will go a lot smoother. Need help with makeup or hair? Contact one of our PROs in your area!


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