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6 Korean Winter Fashion Trends to Try This Winter

6 Korean Winter Fashion Trends to Try This Winter

Korean winter fashion is getting a strong, established reputation for quality, magnificence, and being fashion-forward. Here are some gorgeous trends!

You’ll be excited to spend the cold months wearing Korean winter fashion! 

The best part about Korean winter fashion is that most of its staples and statement pieces can be found at an affordable price. Check around your local discount clothing stores, flea markets, or online clothing retailers. Combining the articles of clothing below can make for quite an attention-grabbing outfit!


1. Single breasted coats

These coats create a simple silhouette without adding too much bulkiness to your entire look. Typically, they should land around your knees and stay open. Don’t button them up, even if you want to! If you want that effortless winter look often seen in South Korea, keep that coat open and pair it with a slouchy sweater and dark pants.

mom jeans

2. Mom jeans

Tight pants are a thing of the past this winter. Get yourself a pair of mom jeans where the jeans are not fitting around your thighs or legs in any wear. We’re looking for a more straight pant look, that goes up to your waist. Roll up the bottom of the pant legs to make it look more put together and tuck your sweater into the jeans in the front, French style.

3. Long skirts

Skirts are not just for spring and summer! In South Korea, one of the most popular winter fashion trends surprisingly is to wear long skirts with a coat and sweater. Don’t forget to pair that skirt with some warm tights underneath or you won’t be having a good time!

woman in beige coat and black pants sitting on stairs

4. Fleece tights

If you’re going to be wearing skirts and dresses in the winter, your best bet is to wear fleece tights. Some people even wear fleece tights that were made to look like they’re sheer by adding a skin tone tight underneath the tights.


5. Oversized puffer jackets

Puffer jackets can easily look so bulky and unattractive, but trust us on this one. Get a black oversized puffer jacket, one of those that go down to your knees. Leave it open and pair with legging and an oversized sweater. Bonus points if you wear your hair in a messy top bun.

6. Oversized scarves

In need of extra warmth? Oversized scarves are very popular this winter in South Korea. They’ll keep you warm, cozy, and also looking super fashionable.

Don’t let this winter get you down. It’ll be over before you know it, and wouldn’t you rather spend it looking like the most stylish version of yourself you can be? Take your newfound knowledge of Korean winter fashion and go be your most fashionable self this winter!


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