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How To Work With Children as a Kids Stylist

How To Work With Children as a Kid's Stylist

Working with kids is a challenge, or is it? We’ve demystified the dos and don’ts of how to have a successful service as a kid's stylist!

Make sure your children receive top notch care from a kid’s stylist!

Being a good kid's stylist can be hard work, especially since children are difficult to keep still, figure out what they want done to their hair, and impress the parent all at the same time. A great kid's stylist will have an arsenal of tricks up their sleeve to make their next kid's cut a breeze.


Although this item might seem obvious to have in your bag as a beauty professional, having a smaller one can help with child services. If a child is feeling nervous, scared, or anxious, they’ll do everything in their power to steer clear from getting a hair cut, but if you give them a mirror, they can see what you’re doing, which might alleviate some of that stress and let you continue with the service.

mirror boy


Listening to your favorite song after a long day is stress-relieving – this works with children also. By delivering soothing music to drown out the noise from the scissors, they can relax while getting groomed. They can wear the headphones upside down or use earbuds!

earbuds baby

Use a clock

Depending on how anxious the child is, setting a timer for grooming can help ease the tension. You can set a timer and tell the child you will stop when it goes off. That way, the child knows the feeling will not last a very long time.

sand game


As adults, indulging in comfort food after a long day is heavenly. Why not give that same feeling to your client after they’ve conquered their fear of getting a haircut? Offering a child’s favorite snack can be a good way to help keep them tranquil while they’re getting groomed. They will be more inclined to stay still to get the service over with. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone!

Make it an adventure

Children love stories. They have a grand imagination, so use that and create a wonderful story where the child saves the day by the end of their service. They will be excited and want to contribute and play along.

fly boy

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We hope these tricks help you at your next child service! If you think we missed some, let us know on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @mobilestylesapp. And as always, remember to stay charming!


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