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Avoid Boredom With Our List of Epic Game Night Ideas

Avoid Boredom With Our List of Epic Game Night Ideas

More time spent at home comes with a little bit of boredom. Combat it with the best epic game night ideas!

Combat boredom with these super fun epic game night ideas!

Game nights may have seemed like a thing of the past just a few years ago, with the rise of online streaming services and other technology to hold our attention. But, with the pandemic keeping us inside and looking for things to keep busy, more people are turning back and looking for epic game night ideas to keep their families entertained.

Let’s Get Deep

From the creators of the super popular card game, What Do You Meme? Let's Get Deep is a card game that was created for couples to get to know each other even better! But most of the cards will work for friend groups, families, and even first dates. Let’s Get Deep contains 500 question cards within 3 levels of intimacy and depth. Level 1 are icebreaker questions, level 2 are deep questions, and level 3 are deeper questions. This game is a great way to boost intimacy and closeness for couples and is an awesome way to get to know your friends and family even better than you already do!


Rummikub is a tile based game that’s basically a fusion of the classic games Mahjong and Rummy. The objective of Rummikub is to create sets of three or more tiles in the same number and different colors or three or more consecutive numbers in the same color. The first player to place all of their tiles on their rack on the table is the winner of the game. Rummikub is the perfect fusion of luck and skill!

People Gathered Inside House Sitting on Sofa

Heads Up!

If you’re a fan of the Ellen Degeneres show you’re probably already familiar with this game Heads Up! Is a game that Ellen Degeneres created and would play with the guests on her show, it has since been developed into a game that can be played from a mobile app on your phone as well as a traditional card game. Heads Up! is essentially a game of charades. The object of the game is to guess the card that's on your head based on the clues your friends give you before the timer runs out.

Are you planning to whip out any of these epic game night ideas the next time your family is in need of some entertainment? Let us know which ideas you choose by tagging us on socials @mobilestylesapp!


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