Amethyst is a variety of violet quartz, and it symbolizes humility, sincerity, spiritual wisdom, sobriety. Yes, in the past, people believed that if you had an amethyst on or around you, it would protect you from drunkenness.

While many people may not have access to the stone, that does not mean you cannot add it to your wardrobe. That is why we created this guide going over amethyst-inspired fashion.


One of the easiest ways to include purple amethyst into your wardrobe is to use it in your accessories. This works great for jewelry, scarves, handbags, hats, and more. If you can splurge, then you need to check out Kay Jewelry’s amethyst collection that includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Need a piece that won’t break the bank? Then you need to check out The Purple Store’s collection of purple accessories.

woman wearing purple dress in forest


Since amethyst includes elegance, you can incorporate it into your closet with an amethyst-colored dress. Depending on the occasion or activity, there is a load of amethyst-colored dresses that you can find in-store or online. We recommend checking out Macy’s collection. They have a variety of sizes, shapes, brands, and styles that you can choose from. Plus, they have free shipping on any order over $25!


Take your love for amethyst items into the next top you wear. Whether it is a t-shirt, crop top, or blouse, you can definitely wear this color with no issues. For a wide variety of sizes, styles, brands, and prices, you need to look at Nordstrom’s selection of amethyst tops. You may find two (or three) that you cannot live without.


Who doesn’t love unique purple shoes? From heels to boots, you can find the perfect pair of amethyst shoes just for you. What is also great about amethyst shoes is that they add that extra pop of color, especially if you did not want to go all out with this color. If you are feeling this color, then you need to check out Zappos’ huge selection of purple shoes.


Make an amethyst statement with purple bottoms. There are many different types of bottoms — skirts, shorts, pants, leggings, and more. They are also that great amount of the color if you want to jazz up a neutral top. Kohl’s has a wide variety of amethyst-inspired bottoms including athletic leggings.

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