When her boss discovers she is pregnant, Emily is offered her position in Paris for a year with a marketing agency. What follows next is scandalous moments, lots of romance, and some pretty interesting fashion choices.

In fact, we’re obsessed with her looks and have been dying to recreate some of them!

1. Bold Colors

If you want to pull off the Emily in Paris look, the first thing you need to do is get bold colors. Emily is known for wearing some bright, in-your-face colors, like hot pink or lime green. These looks will make you stand out which is exactly what Emily would do.

2. Unique hats

Throughout the series, she is seen wearing a unique variety of hats that always complete her outfits. Don’t want too many hats? Focus on the classic red beret she wears. It’s timeless and just so perfect for any of your Emily-inspired looks.

3. Fun patterns

Emily is seen often throughout the show wearing some loud patterns to complement those bold color choices in her looks. Try out some fun patterns like zebras next time you’re going out!

Arch de Triomph

4. A red lip

You can really never go wrong with a red lip in general, and Emily rocks in pretty consistently in the show. A red lip is classic and elegant. If you’re not a fan of a bold red lip, opt in for a burgundy or maroon lip instead. This will keep the “red lip” vibe without being too much for you to handle.

5. A statement bag

What is a look without a statement bag? Keep it classy with simple styles, but elevate them by matching them with your outfit. For example, Emily wears a green coat in one of her looks and pairs it with a stunning green bag. Matching some of your pieces creates a cohesive look so you don’t look like you got dressed in the dark. No one wants that!

Whether you liked the show or not, we absolutely are in love with her fashion sense. It’s bold, fun, flirty, and just everything you’d expect from a show created by the same person who created Sex and the City. Need we say more?