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Top 4 Spring-Ready Peach Makeup Looks

Top 4 Spring-Ready Peach Makeup Looks

It's really time to get into the new season, and we're not only talking about fashion! Spring has sprung, and we're loving these spring peach makeup looks.

Check out these spring-ready peach makeup looks! 

Spring is here! While we are enjoying the warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and baby animals, you can’t forget about trending seasonal looks.

Take the peach makeup look, for example. With warm yet natural undertones, peach-colored makeup is sure to make anyone blush!

A Natural Glow

One of the easiest ways to achieve a peach look is to keep with a natural look. Since peach is such a light color, it is the perfect shade for a slight blush or a simple lip. You can even add a tiny amount of peach eyeshadow to lighten up your eyes. The great thing about this look is that it is quick and easy, and almost everyone can do it.

Peaches and Cream

If you are a fair individual, you can play along with the idea of peaches and cream. Use your porcelain skin as the cream, and then add peach-colored eyeshadow, lipstick, or blush to finish as the peaches. If you are not a fair-skinned individual, you can still play around with peaches and cream. Do not be afraid to combine white and peach colors into an impactful eye or lip-focused look.

Sun-Kissed Peaches

Show off your radiate skin with a sun-kissed peaches look. There are many different peach highlights out on the market that can help you obtain this look. Do your makeup as you would usually, and then heavily apply your peach highlight. A peach highlight will also add a slight tan to your skin, so you will look like you just came back from a beach vacation.

make up

A Blushing Peach

Take advantage of the peach-colored blushes you have with this makeup look. Take two or three of your peach blushes and blend them to get the ultimate color. Add on a pigmented highlight to add a sun-kissed effect. We love how @pinkiiieee combines a peach blush as well as a radiant peach eye and lip.

So, are you ready to try out a peach makeup look this spring? Let us know by sending us a DM on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook so we can have a look. Want to try out one of these looks but need help? Reach out to one of our makeup PROs in your area!


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