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Should You Thread Your Whole Face

Should You Thread Your Whole Face?

Waxing removes large areas covered in hair faster, but threading is more hygienic and irritates my skin less.


Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

I’m the type of girl that prefers threading over waxing any day. Sure, waxing removes large areas covered in hair faster, but threading is more hygienic and irritates my skin less. Even though I am a huge advocate for threading, I’ve only ever threaded my eyebrows and upper lip.

I always felt insecure about the light hair on my forehead and cheeks. So one afternoon I decided to get my whole face threaded. As I walked in, I told the threading professional that I wanted to remove all the hair on my face. She asked me if I have ever done so before. I said no. She then cautioned me against removing all my hair at once, and instead of only threading my brows, chin, and upper/lower lip. This is because most people get irritation on their face after threading.

If you’re someone who is interested in threading your face, here are some questions and precautions to consider before doing so:

  • Do you have sensitive skin? If you are prone to breakouts or skin irritations, I would not recommend threading your whole face.

  • Have you at least tried eyebrow threading before? How has the skin around your eyes reacted? Any irritations lasting longer than a day?

  • Test out threading on your upper/lower lip and chin beforehand. This will allow you to see if you get any rashes or breakouts. If two weeks have passed and your skin hasn’t had any negative effects, feel free to thread your whole face!

I ended up passing on threading my whole face. I have sensitive skin and my chin had a slight rash for two days afterward.


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