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6 Aquamarine Jewelry Pieces for the March Baby

6 Aquamarine Jewelry Pieces for the March Baby

Need a gift for someone with March birthday? Pick up some aquamarine jewelry!

Aquamarine jewelry’s beautiful blue hues make it the perfect gift item!

The primary March birthstone is aquamarine, which is said to promote communication, clarity, and courage. It’s also associated with the throat chakra, which is supposed to lessen your fears and enhance your articulation. This year, pick up some aquamarine jewelry to test out the benefits — it also just looks cute.

minimal necklace

Here are 6 different ideas for jewelry featuring aquamarine!

1. A minimal necklace

Sometimes you don’t want a honking piece of jewelry as your birthstone piece, and that’s okay! You can get a beautiful minimal necklace like this one and rock your favorite month of the year every day. The dainty gold chain complements the stone’s size perfectly, making it a beautiful statement piece without being over the top.


2. A bracelet

If you want to rock your birthstone with a little bit more flair, this bracelet is perfect for you. It gives off a bold vibe and creates a statement on your wrist. You can pair it with a few other bracelets of different birthstone colors if you want to get creative and fun.


3. A ring

You can never go wrong with a beautiful ring, but when you wear an aquamarine gemstone like this one. Having a constant reminder on your finger of how amazing the March birthstone is is a great way to rock your favorite month of the year.


4. Dangly Earrings

If you like to wear earrings, these will be perfect for you. They have all the boldness of dangly earrings but still, have a minimal look to them with the simple chain and pendant style. The stunning aquamarine stone has a raw look to it, making it feel natural and rare.

stud earrings

5. Stud Earrings

Don’t like dangly earrings? There’s no need to worry, because you can snag these beautiful stud earrings and keep the love for aquamarine alive. The gold pieces on these earrings have a vintage sheen to them, which make these earrings look like they have been past down for a few generations. It’s perfect!

statement necklace

6. Statement Necklace

Sometimes you just really want to show off how much you love being a March baby, and this necklace is exactly what you need. The huge pendant is very in-your-face, but such a stunning piece, no one will complain about it.

Celebrate being a March baby with any of these stunning aquamarine jewelry pieces and get ready for the quickly approaching spring. We know we’re ready for it.


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