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How To Turn a Small Area Into a Large Home Office

How To Turn a Small Area Into a Large Home Office

It's the age of minimalism, so we're giving you all the tips you need to know to make any small space feel like a large home office!

If you’re tired of feeling trapped in your own house, try to make a space that feels as if it’s a large home office.

Living in space-starved apartments in major cities or with roommates can make you feel cramped. But to really thrive and operate at your most productive, designing a proper work area that feels like a large home office is the key to success.


Hear us out, we’ve got a plan of action for you! Tell your boss they can thank us later.


Limited on space? Try reconfiguring your living room or bedroom furniture so that you can position a small desk right against the window. Being able to face out of the room and into natural light is a brain-boosting, mood-lifting sanity saver.

Room dividers

For those who live in studio apartments or if you are relegated to working from your bedroom, consider investing in a chic room divider screen, hanging fabric, or bamboo curtain to place your desk behind. This creates a literal line in between your areas for recreation, eating, sleeping, etc. versus your home office life.

desk for work at home

Folding desk

Perhaps you’re truly stuck for space. What do you do? You can bet that there is a savvy furniture solution out there for you, from Murphy desks to shelf desks, and even compact workspace station units that utilize a corner. Luckily for us, furniture designers have thought of it all!


Ah, plants! Is there anything they can’t do? Plants can instantly transform any area, and your small workstation is no exception. Whether it’s some air plants or cacti on your desk or a larger tree positioned just beside it, it can help with productivity levels when you bring some greenery into your day.


We’re going on a whim with this one, but maybe you have a closet that can double as a personal cubicle of sorts. It helps if there’s enough light to avoid feeling like you’re Harry Potter living under the stairs, but with the right lamp and lick of paint, it could be the solution you didn’t know you needed.



During hectic days filled with emails, notifications, and calls, it can help to have small visual reminders that ground us and bring a smile to our faces. Mindfully place some framed photos, mementos, postcards, candles, and ornaments on your desk will make the setup feel more personable and relaxing.



While there’s no gossiping in the stationery supply store these days as we make the excuse of needing a stapler or notepad, it doesn’t mean that you can’t kit out your at-home desk with everything you need. Having the essentials on hand—pens, post-its, paper—will make you feel organized and on top of things. Even when the reality is far from it!

Large home offices aren’t available in every residence, but with just a few tricks, any space can facilitate productivity. 


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