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A Fashion Editors Step-By-Step Guide To a Closet Clean-Out

A Fashion Editor's Step-By-Step Guide To a Closet Clean-Out

Feeling cluttered? Here are professional tips for how to do a closet clean-out.

Warm weather is back, which means it’s closet clean-out time.

But now that a glimmer of warmer weather is on the horizon again, it’s time for a closet clean-out.

We’re facing a new year with new opportunities, so it’s time to get a handle on things — including our closets. If you can’t face where to even begin, here’s a foolproof and comprehensive action plan. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or glass of wine and let’s start the closet clean-out!

assorted clothes in wooden hangers

I don’t know about you, but my drawers and rails are chaotic. And my literal job title means I should be capable of editing fashion! Alas, who can blame us for not keeping on top of our wardrobe when there’s been so much else going on and so little reason to wear most of what we own.

Now that we’re facing a new year with new opportunities, it’s time to get a handle on things. If you can’t face where to even begin, I’ve outlined a foolproof and comprehensive plan of action for you. Pour yourself a cup of coffee—or a glass of wine if things are really messy!—and let’s get started.



First things first. The “it’s gotta go” pile. This is the easiest one to part with, as it’s beyond the point of saving. Think decades-old t-shirts and sweaters with holes in them, odd socks, and stained blouses that can’t be cleaned. You don’t need me to repeat the figures about how polluting fashion is to the environment, and a major reason for this is when people toss their clothes to end up in a landfill. Don’t be that person! There is no shortage of textile recycling services that you should make use of. Even H&M offers a discount on future purchases when you use their in-store recycling bins. P.S. This is a good excuse to cull your old home linens and towels too.



Another glaringly obvious category to separate and get to work on. Between popped buttons and frayed hems, we’re all harboring pieces of clothing that we love but can’t quite wear because of its current state. It’s time to round them up! While you’re putting aside pieces to take to your local alterations specialist, use your critical eye to see if there’s anything else you could give a new lease of life to. Perhaps a jacket that you can reinvent with new buttons or a long dress that could be turned into a mini? Trust me. There’s bound to be lots of potentials.

Mirror on the Wall


Remember that chaos I mentioned? I’m very guilty of keeping everything I own in close reach at all times. This is not the best practice! Whether it’s your swimwear, ski gear, cocktail dresses, or hiking boots, choose a designated area out of sight and orderly pack away the things you only need once or twice a year. Pro tip: for space-starved homes, using your suitcases for storage helps!



Ok, we are now getting into emotional territory, but take another sip of that coffee or wine because I promise it’s for the best. If there are pieces that you haven’t worn in as long as you can remember, ask yourself why. If the answer is that they don’t make you feel your best or don’t quite fit right, then, believe me, it’s time to say goodbye. Unlike sentimental pieces (which we’ll touch on in a moment), you will feel like a weight is lifted once you part with these closet fillers. Take them to your nearest charity store and let them bring joy to someone else.


As Carrie Bradshaw says, we like our money where we can see it—hanging in our closet! There are likely several special items gathering dust on your shelves that could earn you some cash. These days, there are so many apps that make selling your wares as simple as taking a picture, filling in some details, and voila! Alternatively, round up some items to take to the thrift store. Now, where to reinvest your return?!

Follow these steps for the most impactful closet clean-up. Did we miss any tips? Let us know on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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