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How to Incorporate CelticIrish Style in Your Wardrobe

How to Incorporate Celtic/Irish Style in Your Wardrobe

Fashion is all about inspiration from different cultures and traditions. Here are four ways to use Celtic/Irish style in your outfits.

From kilts to brooches, there are a variety of pieces from Irish style outfits that you can mix into the modern age.

There is a variety of Irish style pieces that you can mix into the modern age.

Each day, the world is becoming a more global place with cultures and fashion blending together. With several intriguing pieces of traditional Celtic/Irish style, the modern world was bound to start incorporating these fashions.

Keep scrolling to check out a few!



A common garb that many poor men and women wore was the leine. A leine is a knee-length shirt typically knitted from wool. Men would wear just the leine while women wore it underneath a dress. Now, you can take a leine and wear it as a simple sweater or even as a sweater dress. You can easily accessorize it with jewelry, a handbag, or even a cute hat.

woman in white long sleeve shirt and red and black plaid skirt standing beside railings


Most of us know about the kilt. It is that one piece of clothing that is engraved in our memories thanks to pop culture. But the kilt is a major piece in traditional Irish and Celtic clothing. And luckily, it is super easy to pair it with clothing of the contemporary world. You can combine it with a cute crop top or blouse along with your favorite loafers. You can even mix around with different prints.

Tara Brooch

The Celtics and Irish love their jewelry. Many traditional dresses were adorned with brooches like the tara brooch. This brooch is made from silver and has a design on the front and back. Women would attach them on dresses. The best thing about accessories is that they never go out of style! So you can take your antique tara brooch and attach it to anything you wear!

Bright Colors

The Celtics were known for the dazzling colors. They loved reds, greens, blues, and yellows. In fact, England banned saffron dresses to go against the Celtics. You can incorporate this traditional fashion into the modern world very simply. You are most likely already doing it! All you need to do is dress in bright colors. Pull out your boldest colors and parade them around.

Now that you have some ideas, it's time to start creating your own take on Celtic/Irish style in the contemporary world. We would love to see your looks! Tag us on @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to show off your style.


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