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Should I Get Regular Gel or Powder Dip Nail Polish

Should I Get Regular, Gel, or Powder Dip Nail Polish?

So many kinds of nail polish out there. Let's find out which works best!


Image by Daiga Ellaby with Unsplash

One of the greatest things in the beauty industry is the development of several types of nail polish. I'm the type of person to always have my nails painted and fresh. Meaning, I've tried regular, gel, and powder dip polishes, and have a strong opinion about all of them.

Let's set the record straight. As an artist who constantly uses my hand, my nails get banged up quite often. As such, I generally steer away from regular polish. I would say regular polish is for those who don’t find yourselves living a clumsy lifestyle, and can maintain a manicure for longer than I am (which probably isn’t hard to do). Your basic polish is also better for your nails as it has more nourishing qualities compared to gel or powder dip. Regular polish is cheaper than other options, however, it does take a while to dry and over time you might find yourself spending more time and money on this route as they begin to chip.

As for gel, which is my go-to, it lasts longer, dries immediately, feels thicker, and maintains a shine that regular polish doesn’t seem to do on my nails. While all of these qualities are great, the downsides revolve in the time it takes to get the gel on/off your nails, and the removal process which involves soaking your nails in acetone which is a huge turn off for some. Gel polish is a little harsher on your nails and weakens them over time if not taken care of correctly.

Powder dip polish is the Regina George of nail polish. It's shiny, thick, and can last up to a month. The powder solidifies immediately after application, meaning it dries the second it is applied. The hard time I have with this polish is the fact that you basically need a drill to remove it, and my nails were paper thin after the fact. So I was a little turned off with powder dip. However, for those of you who can handle the noise of that electric filer, this might just be the one for you!


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