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Incorporate Beauty Water Into Your Daily Routine

Incorporate Beauty Water Into Your Daily Routine

It feels like each season, a new beauty product immerses and is in everyone’s shopping cart. Say hello to beauty water!

But how does beauty water differ from toner, essence, and micellar water?


It looks like water but isn’t. With an array of toners catered to different skin concerns, the ingredients will vary. Still, for the most part, toner can contain skin-improving ingredients like acids, glycerin, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents. In short, toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that hydrates the skin and keeps dead cells of the surface that goes on after cleansing, Allure explains.



This serum-like product penetrates the skin deeper than the typical moisturizer. “Essences have similar benefits to a serum and with a lower molecular weight than most daily creams,” mentions Elle. “Essences combine the various elements of a skincare routine in one step: they hydrate and re-balance the skin whilst also using highly concentrated levels of active ingredients.”

Micellar Water

It also looks like water but isn’t. Notoriously known as an alternative makeup remover, micellar water gently removes makeup and grime rather than stripping the oils from the skin and drying it out. This potent water is made from purified water, which is then infused with hydrating ingredients and mild surfactants, as Glamour told.

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Now, we’ve got our bases covered. You have a deep understanding of what each of these beauty products is and can do. Let’s dive deep into what beauty water is, its benefits, and how you can easily incorporate it into your daily skincare routine!

Beauty Water

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What is it?

As explained by Byrdie, “It’s a light, aqua-based liquid meant to hydrate skin and prepare it for serums, moisturizers, or makeup. . . improvements in formulation technology have allowed for wider availability of higher water content moisturizers that are able to provide more durable hydration than even heavier, oiler products.”

What are the benefits of beauty water?

This ultra-hydrating water-based formula is suitable for all skin types, gentle enough for daily use, and is used to prepare the skin for the next steps in your beauty skincare routine.


When do I apply it?

Use the beauty water after cleansing to ensure your skin is well-hydrated. It’s instinctive to use a cotton pad to apply this product, but this is one occasion where your hands are the best option. Cotton pads will absorb most if not all of your beauty water. Pour a couple of drops on your hands and lightly pat it on your cleansed skin. Follow with your usual skin routine!

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